Not much left to say re: The Iron Throne…

I’m emotionally drained from the anticipation and trepidation leading up to Sunday night, and the subsequent depression that’s set in.  It wasn’t the ending so much as how the show got there that troubles me.  It was far too rushed and all nuance was left out of it.

The murder of Daenerys could have been a much stronger scene but instead it was rushed so we had more time to see Tyrion moving chairs around?

The special effects and the cinematography were exceptional, as was the acting, considering the drivel provided as dialogure.  It’s now crystal clear to me that the producers were ready to be done with this series and this final season reflected that.

I’m still grateful to all involved for 6 seasons of outstanding television (I didn’t love season 7 either).  I’m glad Sansa and Tyrion made out ok but the Bran as king ending is nonsensical.

I have to go back and review my notes but I think I lost my dead pool 9-7.  What else is new, FE always wins everything!

I’ll be revamping my entire blog into a cohesive website soon, to feature additional content, especially now that GOT is over.  Happy watching!

Not much left to say re: The Iron Throne…

My thoughts on “The Bells”…

Let me start out by saying – it was a hell of a lot better than last week!  Visually, this episode was a stunner and the special effects were better than most movies.  I love where the story has gone but it has just gone too fast to make sense in terms of what these characters would actually do based on their behavior in 7 prior seasons.  However, I’m willing to overlook it since there’s only one episode left of what is my second favorite drama series of all time (The Wire is the first) and it’s brought me a lot of joy over the years.

The disservice that’s been done to Daenerys’ character is a shame.  I love the “turn” and seeing her go rogue but the writing just didn’t support her doing this so soon.  It would have made more sense for her to find Cersei, burn her, and perhaps burn down the red keep once it was safely evacuated.  Are we supposed to believe that her genetics caused this, or was it the bells, or was it being dissed and dismissed by Jon Snow?  (side note – don’t men know how to take one for the team?  Women fake relationships all the time for the greater good but Jon Snow is too Ned Stark-like for his own good).

I loved the goodbye scene between Tyrion and Jaime.  Scenes like that are what this show has always been about for me.  It was clear that Jaime was riding to his death due to his own self-loathing, but I needed some closure on his relationship with Tyrion, especially since D2 screwed up his interplay with Brienne.

I’l say it again – this final season should have been 10 – 12 episodes in order to develop all that these characters have actually done.  The appeal of this show has always been a slow burn in character development that resulted in big payoffs later (see Littlefinger pushing Lysa out of the moondoor after she acknowledged that she poisoned her husband for him).  We’ve lost those moments in the rush to get the show done in 6 episodes.

However, like I said above, I’m willing to dispense with that now since the show is ending and I want to enjoy the last 120 minutes without the nagging little voices in my head telling me how incredible the characters’ behavior might be.

I truly have no idea how it will end but I’m going with either Tyrion or Sansa killing Dany, and Sansa ends up on the throne.  Jon Snow dies but I’m not sure how (perhaps by Dany via Grey Worm?).

I don’t want nor do I expect a happy ending.  I always loved GOT because it was willing to do the unpredictable and unpopular (see Ned Stark, beheading).  I hope it is something totally unexpected.

There are some theories online that the Night King may return, or that there are more dragons somewhere, but I don’t think there’s enough time for that.  I also would love to know what Bran’s purpose is since he seems to do nothing except look emo.  Maybe we’ll find out next week?

My thoughts on “The Bells”…

No good thoughts on the “The Last of the Starks”

I debated all week whether to post anything at all about the latest episode.  I disliked it even more on a second viewing, thus my conundrum.  It’s clear to me that D2 rushed to finish this season and didn’t allow ample time to wrap up storylines in a way that makes sense.

In addition, the writing continues to go downhill.  I’m holding out hope that the final two episodes will redeem the season but 160 minutes isn’t a lot of time to achieve that.

Here are a few random thoughts:

1.Why didn’t Cersei kill Tyrion?  It’s totally unbelievable that she wouldn’t have taken the opportunity to get rid of him when she had the chance.  This was clearly a fan service choice as opposed to a rational one.

2.Why didn’t someone in Daenerys’ camp scout out Dragonstone before the entire army and the dragons arrived?  I’m not in the military but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that would have been a good idea.

3.What happened to Varys’ little birds?  Shouldn’t he have had some intel on the ambush before it happened?  Unless perhaps he was behind it, which I suppose is a possibility.

4.Is anyone going to acknowledge that Daenerys granting Gendry a lordship was done only in her own self-interest, to keep him from challenging her for the throne?

5.I can’t believe that Tormund, Sam, and Ghost are gone.  That lameass goodbye was a fake out.  I have to believe that they will end up at King’s Landing to save Jon Snow’s ass (again).

6.Anyone who thinks that “Starbucks” cup wasn’t left there on purpose, should have her head examined.

That’s all for now.  I’ll wish you a happy game of thrones eve and let’s hope for 2 kickass episodes!

No good thoughts on the “The Last of the Starks”

Total 180 – My thoughts on The Long Night

Total 180 from last week!  GOT redeemed!  Those are the headlines.  I apologize for the delay in posting but I had to digest, vomit, digest again, discuss, sleep on it, and rewatch in order to gather my thoughts for you.  This was definitely a fan service episode but I don’t care – this fan got served lol.

Instead of a recap or a critique, here are my questions and random thoughts:

1.Why did the dragon fire not kill the Night King?  Was he a Taergaryen?  Could he only be killed by dragonglass or Valerian steel?  If he was a Taergaryen will that be relevant in future?

2.Why didn’t Jon and Dany use the dragons to annihilate all of the wights in front of the trench once it started to go out?

3.Was the undead dragon’s blue stuff fire or something else?  Ice?  What were its destructive properties?

4.Is Arya Azor Ahai?  Does it matter?  It’s definitely not Dany or Jon Snow since they were completely ineffective in this battle.

5.Did the Night King actually smirk after Dany tried to kill him?  If so, that was awesome!

6.Why didn’t Melisandre age and die the last time we saw her remove her choker like she did in this episode?  If I picked up the choker and wore it can I look like Carice Van Houten and have her powers?

7.Why wasn’t Sam in the crypt?  He was useless in battle and actually got his friend killed.  Also, didn’t he read something in all his Citadel books that could have helped?

8.Why did the Dothraki charge instead of waiting for the wights to charge?

9.Why was Bran totally and utterly useless in every way?  When, if ever, will he be relevant?

10.How did Arya get past all of those wights and White Walkers to get to the Night King?  Did she use another face or simple ninja technique?

So far, I’m losing the dead pool to fellow reader 4-2, but I still have three weeks to left.  FR never loses anything so it will be tough to beat him.  I also admit that my theory about the Night King and Dany was dead wrong but at least I admit my mistakes 🙂



Total 180 – My thoughts on The Long Night

We need to talk about Game of Thrones…

And not in a good way.  This is in a “I’m preparing to break up with you and this is the standard intro for it”.  I am not at all happy with last night’s episode.  I thought it was lazy, condescending, and geared to the lowest common denominator of viewers.

Don’t get me wrong – I loved the interaction between Jorah and Lyanna, and the knighting of Brienne – but it was all too Days of Our Lives, which is not why I watch GOT.  I also thought the writing was poor and had none of the nuance we’ve come to expect over 8 seasons.

I’m hoping this was a one off since I understand a lot of loose ends had to be tied up before a lot of these characters die over the next two weeks.  The episode just felt all wrong to me.

And attention producers – there is ZERO chemistry between Jon Snow and Daenerys!  I don’t care if they break up and I’m actually hoping they kill each other at this point.

OK, I’m done venting for now.  I may be alone in this review but I doubt it.

We need to talk about Game of Thrones…

What I’ve been eating…

FE and I had a chance to return to Stephen Starr’s “The Love” in Philly recently.  It was another excellent meal.

We were lucky enough to score a corner booth in the quieter section of the restaurant, as it can get somewhat loud if you’re seated in the center.  Our server was excellent – unobtrusive but very attentive (unfortunately I did not hear what her name was so I could mention it here).

FE had the lobster pasta (as usual) and I had the tuscan black kale risotto, which was a new one for me.  It was a generous portion that could be shared.  I could definitely taste the kale and pecorino cheese in the dish.  I don’t think I would order it again simply because it had too strong a flavor for me.  FE disagreed and would order it again.  I’m glad I tried it.

FE then had the fried chicken which I think is their most popular dish.  He was very pleased with it.  It was served with collard greens and grits.  I had the halibut which had a sesame crust and was served in a vegetable broth with turnips and other vegetables.  The fish was cooked perfectly and the flavors were excellent.  This is a definite repeat dish for me.

I wasn’t overly thrilled with the dessert menu since they no longer have the cookie plate, so we had ice cream elsewhere.

The Love is located at 130 S. 18th Street in Philadelphia, a 1/2 block off of Rittenhouse Square.  Reservations are available via opentable.

What I’ve been eating…

What I’ve been reading…

I just finished Mark Bowden’s newest book “The Last Stone”.  It’s a non-fiction book about two young girls who went missing in the DC area in 1975.  Mark Bowden reported on the case back then as a local reporter, and returns here to write a book on the follow up investigation which began in 2013.

The book focuses on an incarcerated man who investigators believe may have either been involved, or have information on those involved.  I don’t want to give anything away but the book focuses on the interrogation of this individual while he is already in prison for another heinous crime.

I couldn’t put it down and finished it in about 4 days.  Highly recommended!

What I’ve been reading…