I still prefer a moondoor…

So now we have an ice dragon.  I have to say it – this was totally predictable and thus quite the deviation for D2.  Query – does it breathe fire or ice?

I don’t have much to say about this episode.  Quite frankly, I was bored.  I actually wanted it to end at 10 pm.  The Arya/Sansa dynamic can’t even be classified as a dynamic, it’s that boring.  It’s clear that Petyr is trying to play them off of each other but aren’t they too smart for that?  Perhaps they are, and this viewer is missing something.  Was Arya posing as Brienne so she can go to King’s Landing in disguise and kill Cersei?  As you can tell, I’m not only bored but also confused.

The battle scenes beyond the wall were disappointing.  I couldn’t even tell who was fighting, or who was killed.  The dragon stuff was cool, as usual, but the special effects didn’t make up for the poor dialogue and storytelling here.

I’m hoping this was a one off and the show will be back to form this week.

I still prefer a moondoor…

My thoughts on #thespoilsofwar and #ripolenna

Wow, sorry readers.  I just realized I was so jammed up last week that I didn’t get to post on the passing of one of my favorite characters, The Queen of Thorns.  May she rest in peace.  “The Queen’s Justice” was a great episode, but this week’s was even better.  We finally got to see some real dragon ass-kicking.

I’ll admit I was disappointed by the Jaime death fake out, which seemed a bit cheap considering the usual high quality of this show.  As FW pointed out, D2 would have made it crystal clear if the hottest knight in Westeros was really dead (“hottest knight” being my phrase, not his).  FW also has a theory, which I think is plausible, that Jaime has to stick around so that we believe he killed Cersei, when in fact the killer is Arya, disguised as Jaime.  Did you get all that?

I enjoyed the Jon Snow/Theon reunion if only because all the worlds are coming full circle now and colliding.  I presume they’ll band together to defeat Euron and save Yara, but since that is an easily-predicted theory, I’m probably wrong.

I feel like the show is really building us up for a spectacular Cersei fall/death.  I may have more thoughts on this episode once I rewatch it this week.



My thoughts on #thespoilsofwar and #ripolenna

My (delayed) thoughts on Stormborn

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a lot to say about this week’s episode.  My regular readers know that I find Arya terribly boring, and the same applies to Samwell.  Since they took up a lot of space on this episode, I’ll keep this brief.

It’s obvious that Sam is going to cure Jorah, and Jorah will probably save Daenerys out of nowhere at some point.  I’ll admit I’m over Jorah and his lack of a storyline.  He served a purpose for the first few seasons but his character feels extraneous to me.  Especially since there are so many other delicious characters to spend time with (see Lady Olenna, Lady Mormont, et al.).

How long have we waited for Daenerys to be in the same room with Ellaria, Yara, AND Olenna, with a side of Tyrion and Varys?  You can see how D2 is bringing all of the various factions into one place for the wars to come.  The irony is that no one besides boring Jon Snow is focused on the real threat.  I’m still trying to figure out who the leaker is.

I guess I have to talk about the ambush scene at the end.  The special effects were awesome, to be sure.  However, Euron and his crazy eyes are just too much.  FW believes he’ll get killed by the end of this season, and I hope he’s right.  I like Yara’s character but I’m not sure what will happen to her.  I expect that Ellaria is the “gift” Euron promised to Cersei.

Oh, Theon.  I have no words.

My (delayed) thoughts on Stormborn

So many random thoughts #dragonstone

My mind is all over the place today for a lot of reasons, one of which is that I stayed up past my bedtime to watch the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere (so worth it!).  I’ll leave the detailed recap to the rest and just give you my randos:

1.I am still bored of Arya’s storyline.  I know, it’s crazy, she’s a cool child assassin and all, but it took too long to come to fruition and frankly, I don’t give a crap about the Freys.

2.I couldn’t see anything in man-bun’s fire?  Was I supposed to?  Is it a hoax?  Does my failure to see it simply confirm my atheism?

3.Speaking of which, did someone bring The Hound back to life?  I just presumed he recovered after his fight with Brienne.  However, I think I missed something because they referenced him being resurrected last night.

4.Was Dragonstone this cool when Stannis lived there?  I seem to recall that most of those scenes were shot at night, and he never sat on that cool dragon throne.  Perhaps the Lord of Light frowns on such indulgences.

5.It seems obvious that Arya will be the one to kill Cersei so I’m going with Jaime.  I suspect she’ll plot something truly evil that will threaten ordinary citizens (a la the mad king) and history will repeat itself.

6.I need Brienne and Tormund to get together.  That is all.

7.Who is kissing Yara in the scene’s for next week?  It looked like Jon Snow but I can’t imagine that’s true.

8.Euron’s new look is very American Idol contestant, season one.  I loved the leather jacket though.  I think he’s planning to bring back Tyrion as a hostage.  Perhaps that’s where theory #5 comes in.

9.Sam Tarly is so boring.  I love books and libraries, but he and his storyline are so dull.  Please shortcut his scenes, D & D.

10.Wondering how and when Lady Olenna and the Sand Snakes will make an appearance?


So many random thoughts #dragonstone

2016 Wrap Up Report

We’re about to embark on another year so instead of coming up with “resolutions” I’ll never keep, I decided to do a year end wrap up:

Best book:  “River of Doubt” by Candice Millard.  Lots of great books this year but this was my favorite by far.  Waiting for Ms. Millard to come out with a new book in 2017.

Best new tv show:  Tie between “Happy Valley” and “Gomorrah”.  Two totally different shows but I just can’t decide between them.

Best tv season:  “Game of Thrones” – ’nuff said.  Honorable mention:  “Better Call Saul”.

Best line:  “What’s the point of having fuck you money if you never say fuck you?” – Billions.

Best song:  I am so not qualified to judge this but I find Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” oddly addictive.

Biggest surprise:  Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Most upsetting celebrity death:  Tie between George Michael and Prince.

Show I broke up with permanently:  The Walking Dead.

Best podcast:  “In the Dark”.

Best documentary:  “OJ Simpson:  Made in America”.





2016 Wrap Up Report

USA:ISIS::Westeros:White Walkers

So this is a theory I’ve been pondering since GOT ended a few weeks ago.  It seems to me that what’s going on in our country currently is very similar to what’s happening in Westeros.

Most of GOT to date has been about who will be king (or queen) and the show focuses on the disputes between factions for control of the throne.  However, the real threat exists north of the wall.  Very few characters on the show even believe that this threat exists, and even fewer have seen the threat themselves.  My theory alludes to something Melisandre said a few seasons ago while looking at the fire with Stannis, which was that “this war of five kings is meaningless, the real battle is yet to come” or something like that.  Meaning, everyone in Westeros is focused on winning the throne for herself, yet they fail to realize that the throne is meaningless considering the threat from the White Walkers.

If you think about it, that’s what going on here during this campaign, and in the country overall.  A few weeks ago, it was black lives matter.  This week, it’s Trump v. Clinton.  I’m sure next week, it’ll be a combination of those plus something else.  The point is, we’re so busy fighting ourselves that we forget the threat of ISIS (and many other threats) that exist elsewhere.  While these threats gain traction and prepare themselves for “the battle to come”, we Americans are too busy fighting each other.

I’m all for agreeing to disagree in a civil manner, and voting for the candidate one deems the most suitable for the job.  However, civil discourse in this country has ceased to exist.  Until we get ourselves back to that, I’m afraid those outside forces stand a chance.

Food for thought…

USA:ISIS::Westeros:White Walkers

For whom the bell tolls….

Not a good sign when the show starts out with bells tolling, followed by a haunting piano score, then violins and finally an organ.  As I rewatch the finale a second time it’s easy to see what will happen at King’s Landing.  I really had no idea what to expect the first time I watched it.  I do know I love Cersei’s outfit and I should have known when I saw it that she would end up kicking ass once again.

How ironic that we had to see Loras admit his “guilt” and get branded when he was blown up anyway?  I suppose if he had known he’d have gone for one last roll in the hay instead of confession.

The cool part about the explosion was that it wiped out a whole lot of problem children for Cersei (and me) in one fell swoop.  I really liked Margaery’s character but I suppose she had to be sacrificed for the greater good of amping up her grandmother’s penchant for revenge.  It was nice to see that dumbass religious fanatic go up in flames, as well as useless Mace Tyrell.

I’m not sure where the show is going with Jaime just yet.  I suspect he’ll end up queenslaying at some point, based on the look of horror on his face at the end.

Shouldn’t the guy at the front desk at the Citadel know who’s in charge at Castle Black?  Especially considering that the maesters are supposed to be all-knowing and everything?

I have to be honest, the parentage of Jon Snow completely disinterests me.  Who cares?  He’s already the king of the north and the most badass swordsman since that other guy.  I was disappointed that D2 wasted precious finale time on the Tower of Joy and Sam.

Now that Melisandre is riding south, who will she team up with?  There are endless possibilities such as Brienne, Arya, the Hound, or Gendry, though I think some or all of those people are mad at her.

So many feels over the Olenna/Sand Snakes/Varys dynamic!  Now it’s shaping up to be Daenerys and everyone vs. Cersei then the Night King vs. whoever’s left.  How they wrap that up in 13 hours is beyond me, absent another mass explosion.

Sorry guys, but Arya is still boring.

The best part of the episode for me was the ending with Daenerys, et al. finally getting a move on towards Westeros.  It only took 5 years!


For whom the bell tolls….