2016 Wrap Up Report

We’re about to embark on another year so instead of coming up with “resolutions” I’ll never keep, I decided to do a year end wrap up:

Best book:  “River of Doubt” by Candice Millard.  Lots of great books this year but this was my favorite by far.  Waiting for Ms. Millard to come out with a new book in 2017.

Best new tv show:  Tie between “Happy Valley” and “Gomorrah”.  Two totally different shows but I just can’t decide between them.

Best tv season:  “Game of Thrones” – ’nuff said.  Honorable mention:  “Better Call Saul”.

Best line:  “What’s the point of having fuck you money if you never say fuck you?” – Billions.

Best song:  I am so not qualified to judge this but I find Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” oddly addictive.

Biggest surprise:  Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Most upsetting celebrity death:  Tie between George Michael and Prince.

Show I broke up with permanently:  The Walking Dead.

Best podcast:  “In the Dark”.

Best documentary:  “OJ Simpson:  Made in America”.





2016 Wrap Up Report

Back from hiatus…

Sorry I’ve been remiss in posting for the last few weeks.  The weather’s just starting to improve here in the NE so I’ve been taking advantage by leaving my cave to bask in the sunlight.  Also, I haven’t been inspired much by tv lately?  Couple things:

-Game of Thrones returns next Sunday.  This is when my blog will really be back in action. I’m more convinced than ever that Jon Snow will be resurrected.  I can’t wait to see some new characters and see what Tyrion is up to.  HBO is being coy and hasn’t put the title or description up on my guide yet.

-Better Call Saul is on fire.  The finale is tomorrow night and I have no idea what might happen.  Chuck took a nasty fall but it looks like in the preview that he’s not dead (at least not yet).  I feel like Mike will have something to do with Hector’s ending up in a wheelchair but I’m not sure how yet.  Ultimately, I think that Gus Fring will be impressed by Mike’s gumption and hire him on, but that’s probably a future season development.

-I thought the Billions finale was great.  The show was a bit of a slow burn the previous few episodes but the payoffs in the finale were worth it.  I was glad to see Wendy go her own way from both Axe and her ugly husband (by ugly I mean both inside and out).  My birthday wish this year was that Chuck would be recast for next season.  However, now that I told you my wish, but more likely because it’s Paul Giamatti, it’s never gonna happen.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Paul Giamatti, but he is overplaying this role and ruining the show for me.

-The Walking Dead finale sucked.  I’m seriously contemplating breaking up with this show after that.  The ending was so lazy and corporate.  All they did was drive around in the RV for the entire episode.  I don’t even care who got beaten, even if it was Daryl or Michonne, who I still like.  The show has ruined Carol’s character and turned her into some religious/ethical nut (wait is that an oxymoron?).  I watched the first episode of Fear TWD and that sucked too.  Definitely not investing any more time there.  I hate the characters and can’t wait until they get chomped.

-House of Lies is back.  I believe this is the last season and so far, so good.  Kristen Bell looks great this season.  I’m hoping Marty’s loathsome ex-wife is off the show for good but I doubt it.  Thanks to Showtime for giving the show a proper sendoff.

That’s all for now.  Be back soon to update you on what I’ve been reading.

Back from hiatus…

Fall tv I’m looking forward to….

Summer’s winding down so prime tv season is upon us.  It was a great summer here but it’s time to get back to the grind.  Here are the shows I’m looking forward to, in no particular order:

1.Homeland, October 4 – So I think we left off with Quinn going off on a dangerous mission because he thought Carrie dissed him?  Last season was way better than the previous one.  Let’s hope that trend continues this year.  I still think Saul is the mole even though everyone thinks I’m crazy.  We’ll see how that goes.

2.Walking Dead, October 11 – I’m not in love with Fear TWD though I’ll soldier through it to see if it gets better.  The problem is that I hate most of the characters.  As for the original juggernaut, I’m looking forward to its return, though not as much as I have in previous years.  Part of it is that the story has started to run its course for me.  Another part of it is that I can’t stand Rick anymore and he needs to go.  Kind of like how I feel about Cersei Lannister.  I’m thrilled that Morgan is back and I hope he brings a different dynamic to the show.  More importantly, he better not get chomped!

3.The Good Wife, October 4 – I wasn’t happy with last season since there was way too much focus on Alicia’s clearly doomed run for office.  I don’t even remember where the show left off, and I don’t even care to refresh my memory.  I’m hoping to start over with a clean slate this season, and that the show returns to its former glory.  Less Cary and more Michael J. Fox please.

4.The Profit, November 3 – This is a show I think everyone should watch, young and old.  It’s such a great window into what it really means to have your own business, including the unglamorous side of it.  Marcus Lemonis is a no-nonsense businessman and he seems to be really invested in helping the people in the show, even though some of them are loathsome individuals who don’t deserve it.  I’m glad CNBC is giving him more seasons on air.

That’s all for now.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t add a postscript to last week’s post on what I watched this summer.  I neglected to mention unReal, which was one of my favorite shows this year.  Shiri Appleby has been one of my faves since her days on Roswell.  She is terrific on this show as is Constance Zimmer.  The show is really smart and I can’t wait to see where it goes next season.  Thanks for reading!

Fall tv I’m looking forward to….