My thoughts on #thespoilsofwar and #ripolenna

Wow, sorry readers.  I just realized I was so jammed up last week that I didn’t get to post on the passing of one of my favorite characters, The Queen of Thorns.  May she rest in peace.  “The Queen’s Justice” was a great episode, but this week’s was even better.  We finally got to see some real dragon ass-kicking.

I’ll admit I was disappointed by the Jaime death fake out, which seemed a bit cheap considering the usual high quality of this show.  As FW pointed out, D2 would have made it crystal clear if the hottest knight in Westeros was really dead (“hottest knight” being my phrase, not his).  FW also has a theory, which I think is plausible, that Jaime has to stick around so that we believe he killed Cersei, when in fact the killer is Arya, disguised as Jaime.  Did you get all that?

I enjoyed the Jon Snow/Theon reunion if only because all the worlds are coming full circle now and colliding.  I presume they’ll band together to defeat Euron and save Yara, but since that is an easily-predicted theory, I’m probably wrong.

I feel like the show is really building us up for a spectacular Cersei fall/death.  I may have more thoughts on this episode once I rewatch it this week.



My thoughts on #thespoilsofwar and #ripolenna

For whom the bell tolls….

Not a good sign when the show starts out with bells tolling, followed by a haunting piano score, then violins and finally an organ.  As I rewatch the finale a second time it’s easy to see what will happen at King’s Landing.  I really had no idea what to expect the first time I watched it.  I do know I love Cersei’s outfit and I should have known when I saw it that she would end up kicking ass once again.

How ironic that we had to see Loras admit his “guilt” and get branded when he was blown up anyway?  I suppose if he had known he’d have gone for one last roll in the hay instead of confession.

The cool part about the explosion was that it wiped out a whole lot of problem children for Cersei (and me) in one fell swoop.  I really liked Margaery’s character but I suppose she had to be sacrificed for the greater good of amping up her grandmother’s penchant for revenge.  It was nice to see that dumbass religious fanatic go up in flames, as well as useless Mace Tyrell.

I’m not sure where the show is going with Jaime just yet.  I suspect he’ll end up queenslaying at some point, based on the look of horror on his face at the end.

Shouldn’t the guy at the front desk at the Citadel know who’s in charge at Castle Black?  Especially considering that the maesters are supposed to be all-knowing and everything?

I have to be honest, the parentage of Jon Snow completely disinterests me.  Who cares?  He’s already the king of the north and the most badass swordsman since that other guy.  I was disappointed that D2 wasted precious finale time on the Tower of Joy and Sam.

Now that Melisandre is riding south, who will she team up with?  There are endless possibilities such as Brienne, Arya, the Hound, or Gendry, though I think some or all of those people are mad at her.

So many feels over the Olenna/Sand Snakes/Varys dynamic!  Now it’s shaping up to be Daenerys and everyone vs. Cersei then the Night King vs. whoever’s left.  How they wrap that up in 13 hours is beyond me, absent another mass explosion.

Sorry guys, but Arya is still boring.

The best part of the episode for me was the ending with Daenerys, et al. finally getting a move on towards Westeros.  It only took 5 years!


For whom the bell tolls….

Bastard v. bastard

Sorry for the delay in posting on this week’s GOT episode, which I watched over and over again earlier this week.  It’s been a strange week here so please bear with me.

I thought the episode was great, with my only complaint being that everything that happened was fairly predictable.  We knew Jon Snow would win and we knew Ramsay would die (probably at the hands of Sansa).  Personally, I thought the Dany/Tyrion scenes were the best of the show, and not just because there was triple dragon action.  D/T really showed their bossness (word?) both in the verbal negotiations and when she boarded (?) her dragon and annihilated people.

My one query during the negotiations scene was don’t the eyeliner crew know by now that Dany has dragons and that dragons always win?  They were bargaining from a shitty position and didn’t seem to know it.

I also loved the interaction between Dany and Yara.  Could there be a relationship in their future?  This show certainly has the intestinal fortitude to go there if it wants to.  Why else would D2 have spent so much time on the reveal of Yara as a lesbian a few episodes ago if it weren’t somehow relevant to the larger story?  Just a thought.

There’s a lot of discussion online as to whether Dany is being set up to be the villain of the series given how power-hungry she is.  That could be, but I see it more as setting up Tyrion as her foil keeping her in check.  If she was the perfect ruler, she wouldn’t need him around and speaking for myself, I need him around!

I’m also wondering what role will the Dothraki play in the new Westeros, assuming that Dany conquers it?  Probably best for them to return to Vaes Dothrak since I don’t see them assimilating into Westerosi society.  I wonder if Dany has thought of what will happen once she wins?

There’s not much to say about the battle scene at Winterfell except that it was very well done.  As predicted, Jon Snow fell into Ramsay’s trap and tried to save Rickon.  He is so annoyingly like his father and look what happened to him.  It was also interesting to see how good of a battle commander Ramsay is.  It’s easy to lose sight of that since he’s such an evil villain, but he certainly appeared to know what he was doing.  The overhead shots of the battle were great, especially the scenes of the flying arrows.  I could feel Jon’s claustrophobia when he was burrowing his way out of the pile of bodies.

I was so sure that Tormund was going to die but I’m thrilled he didn’t.  He is one of my favorite characters.

I fear that the finale will be boring since it has to set up for next season, and also because it will have to devote time to Cersei, Arya, Bran, and the religious guy, who are definitely my least favorite characters.  Happy viewing!



Bastard v. bastard

So glad Arya is someone…

…so we can move the f*** on!  That chase scene reminded me of the Terminator.  Yet we still end up where we started, which is with Arya heading back to Westeros.  She better sword the hell out of someone when she gets there, and it better be Cersei.  I’m so bored with both of them.

I feel like I don’ have a ton to say about this episode since it was such a table setter.  I absolutely loved the Jaime/Brienne interactions this week.  The power of these actors in the tent scene was overwhelming.  I love the fact that Jaime is really coming into his own as a character, when it seemed he would be just another meathead in the first episode of the series.  Clearly, he and Cersei can’t end up together so I hope that means she’s toast.

Query 1 – what’s the rumor Cersei and Qyburn were discussing?  I read elsewhere that it may be a rumor of secret stores of wildfire underneath King’s Landing that Cersei may try to use to burn down the city.  Why not, she has nothing to lose?

Query 2 – Where’s Varys going for ships and friends in Westeros?  Initially I thought Pyke but I doubt Varys would be dumb enough to pursue an alliance with Euron Greyjoy.

Query 3 – Will Yara and Theon end up at the rear of the slavers’ ships and ultimately help Daenerys defeat them?

I thought the Riverrun scenes were very well done and the behind the scenes production video (available on demand) was really cool to watch in that regard.  The production team built the drawbridge so it would look authentic.  I was hoping that the Blackfish would go with Brienne and Pod but I guess his watch is ended.

It looks like the big battle between Jon and Ramsay will happen next week.  There has to be at least one big death before the end of this season so I’m going with Cersei and Sansa. I’m wavering on Sansa just because I think D2 could do some interesting things with a Sansa/Tyrion/Cersei reunion in future.  But I’ll stick with those two for now.  Ramsay definitely dies this season if only because his schtick is so over.

Only two episodes left!

So glad Arya is someone…

Whole new meaning for “hold the door”

Well that was quite an episode.  In my first run through, I thought it was a boring episode.  However, I watched it a second time and have a newfound respect for the ending.  I thought we already knew that Bran could go back in time and influence events when his dad heard him yell at the Tower of Joy scene last week?  The flashback scene was very well done and I liked how D2 overlapped the past with the present.  It just wasn’t that surprising to me.

One thing that made me laugh about the WW scene was how much faster these zombies are compared to the ones on The Walking Dead.  RIP Direwolf (Summer?), whose death I was much more upset about than Hodor.

I’m wondering why Sansa lied to the group about how she learned of Blackfish’ army?  Is the show setting up some sort of conflict between Sansa and Jon later since he’s not technically a Stark?  I’d hate to see that because these two need all the help they can get.  I still think Sansa will kill Ramsay but she will end up dead herself somehow.  Now’s the time where the show will start to kill off more major characters to narrow the field for the end.

Arya is still boring.  Please unleash her.  My fellow viewer believes she will kill Jaqen and the stick girl which is intriguing.  Maybe that will get her out of that boring storyline and back to assassinations.

I bet the Children are regretting creating the White Walkers!  I wonder if Bran can go back in time and undo that?  FV thinks not, as he believes Bran can influence events but not change them per se.  We’ll see.

Speaking of Bran, what a dumbass!  He had to go and see what was lurking behind all of those zombies?  What did he think he’d find, flowers and unicorns?  Bran was always my least favorite Stark, as he’s the most boring.  He better redeem himself now, especially since so many people have had to die so he could live.

I’m a bit perplexed as to why the residents of Pike would elect that psychopath who’s been away for so long?  FV remarked that perhaps it’s a reflection on current events, i.e. Trump v. HRC.  Maybe the electorate on Pike is so vehemently opposed to a woman in power that they were willing to go with the megalomaniac instead?  Just a thought.  I will say that the setting on Pike is spectacular.  It looks like Ireland to me.

Time for Jorah to go, but I fear he will be back to rescue Daenerys in the end.  His storyline has come to an end as far as I’m concerned.

We need to talk about Kinvara.  She scares me, sort of like the little girl in the Exorcist.  There’s that line again, “Who said anything about him?”.  I did note that she was wearing the same necklace that Melisandre wears, so are we to assume that she’s an old hag as well?

I’m excited to watch tomorrow night’s episode since it falls on a holiday weekend.  I hope to stay up and write about it after but we’ll see.  Happy watching!



Whole new meaning for “hold the door”

Shame, shame…

…in reference to my slacking on getting this post up before tonight’s episode.  We had the best episode so far this season last week and it took me this long to write about it.  I shall be taking my walk of shame later (neighbors beware!).

So much to cover!  Let’s just say I got the tingles when Jon and Sansa actually reunited.  This show has conspired against the poor Starks since forever (see Ned, head removal), so I expected nothing less than for Sansa to arrive at Castle Black and Jon having already left. It was a lovely reunion, more so because these two were never close as children.  I’m glad to see the maturity in Sansa now that she realizes that the only way they can be safe is to fight.

The twitterverse was abuzz this week with hopes of a Brienne/Tormund hookup (celebrity name Bormund?  Trienne?).  I love these two characters so nothing would please me more.  Plus, Brienne really needs to blow off some stream, don’t you think?  At the very least, I expect they’ll be fighting side by side at Winterfell against Ramsay.

It looks like Robin still sucks at archery.  Believe me Robin, I feel you.  I sucked at archery too.  However, I wasn’t trying out for Lord of the Vale.  This kid is such a dud.  The only saving grace from the Eyrie scene was the return of Littlefinger.  I knew he was lurking somewhere in the shadows but I wasn’t quite sure where.  How will he explain himself to Sansa?  I suppose we’ll find that out tonight.

I’m still loving every scene Tyrion is in.  Yes, his Westerosi accent leaves something to be desired but he steals the show in every scene.  I really enjoy watching him and his machinations though I’m not sure what Daenerys will say when she returns.  I’m also wondering when T will put those dragons to good use now that they’re all besties.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I drew a (very) rudimentary diagram of the position of all of the warring factions and their respective armies in my notes this week.  It’s so hard keeping track of everyone and what alliances they’ve made (and broken).  My suspicion is that Dorne will enter the fray at King’s Landing just as the Tyrell/Lannister armies are preparing to free Margaery.  No way that goes smoothly.  Just as long as someone gets rid of these religious zealots who are taking up a lot of screen time and boring me to tears.

I’m going out on a limb to predict that Arya will be the one to kill Cersei but I fear that D2 will make us wait until the end of the series for that.  I truly loathe the character and her redundancy but the showrunners seem determined to keep her around.

According to my diagram, it looks like the armies from the Vale and from the Iron Islands will surround Winterfell along with Jon’s faction to hopefully defeat Ramsay and his crew. That of course won’t happen without mass casualties and I can’t predict who will go.  It will have to be some big names like maybe Tormund, or even Brienne.  Not sure if Theon will make it but hopefully long enough to help his sister take control of the Islands.  I do think it will be Sansa who kills Ramsay in the end.

Speaking of alliances, Lady Olenna is nothing if not pragmatic.  She made a deal with Tywin and will do so with Cersei for the good of the group.  I’m just not sure how that will work out.  It doesn’t seem that Loras has any fight left in him, so he may be a casualty too.

I’m not really sure what to say about Daenerys’ scene that hasn’t already been said.  The special effects were awesome, the burning up of male chauvinist pigs was awesome, and her taking control of the Dothraki army is awesome.

Happy show-watching!



Shame, shame…

“Holy shit it worked…”

…is the best way for me to categorize last week’s episode, “Oathbreaker”.  That’s the first thing I wrote in my notes after I saw Melisandre’s reaction to Jon’s resurrection.  Of course, we weren’t surprised as this had been the subject of much discussion since last summer.  I’m glad D2 decided to dispense with the minutiae of how Jon came back from the dead, etc. and just got on with it.

I thought the most interesting part of this arc was Melisandre’s disappointment when she learned from Jon that there was nothing on the other side.  Apparently, she expected a bright light and singing angels but he said there was nothing (which I happen to believe is accurate, but that’s a different post).

I love the big redheaded guy (sorry forget his name).  I figured he would have a larger role this season and it looks like he will.  I expect that he and Jon will lead the fight to regain Winterfell from Ramsay and his band of merry flayers.

The flashback scene was interesting and the sword fight was very well done.  Whoever cast young Ned was spot on.  To be honest, I just don’t care about Lyanna, et al.  We all know that she is giving birth to Jon in the Tower of Joy and she will make Ned promise to say that the baby is his own.  And no, I didn’t read any spoilers but it’s glaringly obvious.  Thus, Jon is the rightful heir to the throne although I’m sure Gendry would have something to say about that.

Daenerys is marginalized yet again.  Yawn.

I found the scene with Varys and the spy compelling because he’s a man who’s always so in control yet he has no balls.  Perhaps that’s why he’s so dominating, because he simply has nothing more to lose?

I loved Tyrion’s line about history consisting of great conversations in elegant rooms.  it really is true if you think about it.  This show has great battle/fight scenes but let’s face it, the real battles are decided behind closed doors between a select few in power.

I’m glad to see Lady Olenna back in action.  Her son is such a wimp and I’m not sure why he’s even still around.  Send him back to Highgarden stat.

I’ll leave you with a final point to ponder.  Why did Jon renege his oath and where will he go now?  I figured his oath would be stronger than ever now that he sees how much trouble the Night’s Watch is in.  Perhaps when Sansa returns to Castle Black he’ll reconsider and attack Winterfell once he learns what Ramsay did to her?

I consider this a bridge episode and I hope that this week’s episode has more action.

“Holy shit it worked…”