Back from hiatus…

Sorry I’ve been remiss in posting for the last few weeks.  The weather’s just starting to improve here in the NE so I’ve been taking advantage by leaving my cave to bask in the sunlight.  Also, I haven’t been inspired much by tv lately?  Couple things:

-Game of Thrones returns next Sunday.  This is when my blog will really be back in action. I’m more convinced than ever that Jon Snow will be resurrected.  I can’t wait to see some new characters and see what Tyrion is up to.  HBO is being coy and hasn’t put the title or description up on my guide yet.

-Better Call Saul is on fire.  The finale is tomorrow night and I have no idea what might happen.  Chuck took a nasty fall but it looks like in the preview that he’s not dead (at least not yet).  I feel like Mike will have something to do with Hector’s ending up in a wheelchair but I’m not sure how yet.  Ultimately, I think that Gus Fring will be impressed by Mike’s gumption and hire him on, but that’s probably a future season development.

-I thought the Billions finale was great.  The show was a bit of a slow burn the previous few episodes but the payoffs in the finale were worth it.  I was glad to see Wendy go her own way from both Axe and her ugly husband (by ugly I mean both inside and out).  My birthday wish this year was that Chuck would be recast for next season.  However, now that I told you my wish, but more likely because it’s Paul Giamatti, it’s never gonna happen.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Paul Giamatti, but he is overplaying this role and ruining the show for me.

-The Walking Dead finale sucked.  I’m seriously contemplating breaking up with this show after that.  The ending was so lazy and corporate.  All they did was drive around in the RV for the entire episode.  I don’t even care who got beaten, even if it was Daryl or Michonne, who I still like.  The show has ruined Carol’s character and turned her into some religious/ethical nut (wait is that an oxymoron?).  I watched the first episode of Fear TWD and that sucked too.  Definitely not investing any more time there.  I hate the characters and can’t wait until they get chomped.

-House of Lies is back.  I believe this is the last season and so far, so good.  Kristen Bell looks great this season.  I’m hoping Marty’s loathsome ex-wife is off the show for good but I doubt it.  Thanks to Showtime for giving the show a proper sendoff.

That’s all for now.  Be back soon to update you on what I’ve been reading.

Back from hiatus…

Weekend update

So I started watching “The Staircase” last night and I’m already hooked.  It’s free on demand through March 16 (Sundance).  Apparently, it’s similar to Making a Murderer which everyone is obsessing over right now (remember I watched that the weekend it came out).  I’m only through episode one so far but I don’t believe the victim sustained those injuries and generated that amount of blood by falling down the steps.  Otherwise, I’m keeping an open mind.

American Crime is fantastic again this season.  I adore Regina King and also Felicity Huffman and I am loving the role changes for them this time around.  I was trying to figure out what Regina King’s job is with that cool office she has.  Lawyer?  Finance?  General asskicker?  I feel sorry for the guy who ran after her car.  It looks like he’ll be in a world of hurt soon.

I also like that the show isn’t following a traditional trajectory of male/female rape along racial lines.  Everyone is fair game here and that’s refreshing, considering the pc that’s infected this country of late.

I’m looking forward to watching Billions, Baskets, and London Spy this week.  I’m not a huge Paul Giamatti fan but I really like Damian Lewis and the woman who plays Giamatti’s wife.  It seems like it will be pretty over the top so I won’t be watching for any substantive stock market insight.  Just a fun guilty pleasure show.

Not sure about Baskets, but I like Zach G. (won’t even try to spell it).  The concept of the show is bizarre but I hope he can make it work.  I’m also curious to see how funny he is now that he’s skinnier.

I don’t know much about London Spy but I’m all about the British imports.  How can you not love that accent?  I’ll give the first episode a shot and see how I feel.

Lots of great tv and documentaries on the docket for the first half of 2016.  Bosch returns to Amazon Prime March 4.  I suppose Amazon chose that date to compete directly with the release of House of Cards on the same date.  I can’t say I’m dying to watch House of Cards like I was in prior seasons.  I just wasn’t that into the last season.  I’ll still be watching though.

House of Lies is back April 10.  I think this will be the last season since Kristen Bell has another show starting soon.

Better Call Saul is back February 15.  I’m really looking forward to that since it’s been off for almost a year.

And last but not least, GAME OF THRONES is back April 24.  Can’t wait!

Weekend update

Great shows no one else watched/is watching…

There are quite a few shows both past and present I feel like no one else but me watches.  How do I know this?  Because when I bring up said show to fellow tv watchers all I get are blank stares and empty promises of “Oh yeah, I’ll check that out when I’m home sick or something”.  Here are a few:

1.Wolf Hall.  I know, it’s on PBS, which is the kiss of death for American viewership, with a double whammy of British accents that are difficult to understand and a lot of characters named Tom.  However, Mark Ryland and Damian Lewis are terrific and the story, though it’s a slow burn over six eps (five have aired so far, finale tomorrow night), is fascinating.  Definitely worth checking out on demand or on dvd when it’s released.  Any woman who dared to marry Henry did so at her own risk!

2.American Crime.  Another series whose finale is coming up this week.  I’m not saying this is a great show, but I think it was an important one for people to see.  Unfortunately it’s on network tv so it has to appeal to the masses and can’t be as groundbreaking as it would be were it on cable.  The stories were somewhat formulaic but I could forgive that given the great performances of Felicity Huffman and Regina King.  The women saved this show for me.

3.Boss.  As I mentioned in last week’s post, this series didn’t get a proper ending because of its cancellation.  Kelsey Grammar was phenomenal and the writing was too.  Because it was on cable, this show could take risks and could afford to show the truly ugly side of politics.  I believe that some people in politics are that diabolical and that the things shown on this show really do happen.

4.House of Lies.  I found this show by accident flipping through on demand, which is nuts since Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle are two of my faves.  The show didn’t get much marketing but it may do well on dvd?  The dialogue is really snippy and sharp, which makes each 22 minute ep fly by.  I definitely liked the first season the best, since it went a little crazytown after that, but the recent finale redeemed the show for me.  The family dynamic in the Kahn household is great, highlighted by the inclusion of a great actor from my favorite show, The Wire.

5.Broadchurch.  Another PBS/BBC show, also with the accent kiss of death.  The USA tried to remake this with Gracepoint but it didn’t stick.  I thought the second season was better than the first, with the electrifying Jean Marie Baptiste and Charlotte Rampling doing battle.  Those scenes made up for the lackluster dynamics in the victim’s family and the tedious investigation of an older crime.  I’m not sure if there will be another season but I sure hope so, but only if those women are on board.

Did I miss a show you think should be on this list?  Was anyone else out there watching these with me?

Great shows no one else watched/is watching…