Upcoming tv alert…

Better Call Saul – AMC 4/10

Bosch – Amazon Prime 4/21

Gomorrah – Sundance 4/26

Master of None – Netflix 5/12

House of Cards – Netflix 5/30

Game of Thrones – HBO 7/16

Upcoming tv alert…

DVR alert

Warren Buffett documentary – HBO Monday night

Trumped (unseen footage from The Circus re: campaign) – Showtime Friday night

Planet Earth – BBC 2/18

Billions – Showtime 2/19

Tickled – HBO 2/27

The Partner – CNBC 3/7 (moved from 2/28)

Better Call Saul – AMC 4/10

House of Cards – Netflix 5/30

DVR alert

New season of Homeland…

For those of you who don’t know, the first episode of the new season of Homeland is available On Demand.  It premieres on January 17 but I just couldn’t wait.  I had to watch the finale of season 5 beforehand to remember where it left off.

The new season has a promising storyline.  Carrie is now in NYC with her daughter.  She appears to be running a non-profit organization that assists disenfranchised people.  In this episode, Carrie and a lawyer at the organization represent a young Muslim American who is arrested for running a website which allegedly incites violence against the USA.  Otto During is somehow involved (perhaps the funder?).

Quinn is alive but appears to have a brain injury.  I so hate to see him in this state, to the point where I wished he had died instead.  I hope he recovers but that seems unlikely.

Saul seems to be on the outs due to his sympathy for the president-elect.  Isn’t it interesting that Homeland cast Elizabeth Marvel from House of Cards in this role?  She does have the gravitas to carry it.

Where is this all going?  The scenes suggest that Saul is sent abroad on a mission and gets captured.  Perhaps that’s orchestrated by Dar, et al.?  It’s obvious that Carrie will get dragged back in, probably when Saul is in trouble, or possibly related to her organization’s new client.

I suspect that Quinn believing that someone is watching Carrie will be met with suspicion due to his brain injury, but it will end up being true.

Happy watching!

New season of Homeland…

Thoughts on House of Cards…

So I finished House of Cards last night and I’ve had some time to digest it.  I’m still not sure how I feel about it – numb?  anti-climactic? unrealistic? amazed? It’s probably a combination of all of those.  It was interesting to see the parallels between the show and the current election cycle.

I thought Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright did a great job this season.  Spacey tended to overreach with the character in prior seasons but he was spot on for me this season.  I hated the hallucinations he had during his hospitalization but I suppose the producers have to throw back to the murders of Zoe and Peter somehow.

I love Wright in this role and her character is one I typically love to love – evil, cold-hearted, ruthless, ambitious, and most definitely not a people-pleaser.  She says the things that one is thinking but usually doesn’t have the guts to say out loud, i.e. “don’t you regret having children?”, which made me clap and cheer.  My main problem with her character this season was that it was simply preposterous to believe that a person with absolutely no political experience would be considered for vice president.  I just couldn’t buy that and it ruined the season for me.

I also found it odd that the Washington Herald would choose to break the story on the Underwoods in the middle of the hostage crisis.  I understand that the paper wanted to pull the trigger before the election but it seems to me that the expose will either be ignored by most Americans or simply get drowned out by everything else going on.  It just seemed like a poor marketing decision to me.

I suppose that the next season, assuming there is one, will focus on the fallout from the article, the election, and the “war on terror”.  I could see the producers skipping ahead to after the election and dropping us in at some random moment a few months after the inauguration.  Assuming the Underwoods prevail, which is a safe assumption, what/who will the foil be next season?  Will the Conways still be around?  I expect that Joel Kinnaman was very well-received, especially by the female audience and by conservatives.  I can’t see the show dispensing of him so quickly, unless he’s already attached to another project.

I thought Kinnaman was great in this role.  I’ve liked him ever since he was on “The Killing”, which was a terrible show with great actors.  I didn’t realize he is Swedish.  I though Kevin Spacey was tall, but Kinnaman is a giant!

Favorite scenes:

1.Claire, Frank, and Tom sitting down to a lovely breakfast the morning after.  It was an interesting commentary on the Underwoods’ relationship that they could sit together peacefully after what went on the night before.

2.Frank and Wil in the room alone allegedly discussing what to do about ICO.  Wil was a formidable opponent for Frank and that really showed here.  I think the producers were trying to show that Wil was a young Frank and perhaps Frank realized that during that scene.

3.Doug Stamper finally finds love!  Or at the very least companionship.  Let’s hope he keeps his connection to this woman under wraps, and stays on the wagon.

4.Jackie and Remy back together again.

5.Claire asking “Do you regret having your children?” when asked if she regretted not having them.  Childfree women everywhere cheered.

On to Bosch!

Thoughts on House of Cards…

What I’ve been watching…

So I finished episode 10 of House of Cards last night.  This was the episode where the Underwoods received the dual nomination at the convention.  Now, I love this show, but this is preposterous on so many levels.  One could say the show has now jumped the shark.    I’ve been loving Claire’s rise throughout the series to become a true partner with her husband in their political schemes.  However, this is too much.  I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for the enjoyment of a show (Homeland I’m looking at you) but this puts me over the edge.  It’s totally unbelievable that a person with absolutely no political experience would be considered for VP.  The show gave us no explanation for this monumental ascension.  I have three episodes left which I’ll certainly watch but at this point, I’m skeptical.

I do hope the Underwoods get their comeuppance and that’s where this is all leading.  I’m suspicious of Tom the writer bedding Claire and I think he’s on the Conways’ payroll.  I’m hoping that will torpedo this whole Underwood campaign, though it seems that nothing stops them.  The show itself is a marvel and I love the cinematography.  Doug Stamper is still my favorite followed by Remy.  It looks like poor Remy is going to become entangled in the Underwood web yet again.

I’ll check back in once I finish the season.  Hope to do so this weekend so I can get to Bosch!

I don’t usually write about Shameless but I’m compelled to this week.  I think this season has been the funniest so far.  The scene this week where Frank went into the barber shop and came out with cornrows, with the rap music in the background, tore me up.  I detest William H. Macy’s character in this show but he is on fire this season.

As for Billions, I’m still not into Giamatti’s overacting and refuse to believe that anyone that unattractive could land Maggie Siff.  Claire Underwood as VP is more believable!  He looks like a stuck pig (yes I am superficial).  I was skeptical about Damien Lewis playing the hedge fund guy but he is terrific.  I loved the punch out and his “Worth it!”, especially when someone memed it on youtube.  I also couldn’t believe that the jackass father would drink and then get behind the wheel with a bunch of kids in the car.  Do people really do that in society?  Call me naive.

Better Call Saul is really great this season.  I love the Mike Ermentraut storyline.  I was wrong though, because I thought Nacho wanted him to get rid of someone higher up the food chain, i.e. Gus Fring.  I suspect that’s to come, if they can get Giancarlo Esposito back (shhh, that’s my birthday wish).

I’ve been listening to the official podcast after each episode, which is pretty cool.  Apparently, Mike was almost not a character in Breaking Bad.  Bob Odenkirk was unavailable for a scene in season two so they introduced Mike instead.  He was so well-received that the producers decided to keep him on.  Glad they did!

I have to give a mention to Hap and Leonard, my new favorite show.  I will say I only started watching it because Michael Kenneth Williams is in it.  The chemistry between all of the characters is a lot of fun and Michael is great in this role.  Apparently, the show is based on a book series.  There are only three episodes left of this season so we’ll see what happens.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading.

What I’ve been watching…

Weekend update

So I started watching “The Staircase” last night and I’m already hooked.  It’s free on demand through March 16 (Sundance).  Apparently, it’s similar to Making a Murderer which everyone is obsessing over right now (remember I watched that the weekend it came out).  I’m only through episode one so far but I don’t believe the victim sustained those injuries and generated that amount of blood by falling down the steps.  Otherwise, I’m keeping an open mind.

American Crime is fantastic again this season.  I adore Regina King and also Felicity Huffman and I am loving the role changes for them this time around.  I was trying to figure out what Regina King’s job is with that cool office she has.  Lawyer?  Finance?  General asskicker?  I feel sorry for the guy who ran after her car.  It looks like he’ll be in a world of hurt soon.

I also like that the show isn’t following a traditional trajectory of male/female rape along racial lines.  Everyone is fair game here and that’s refreshing, considering the pc that’s infected this country of late.

I’m looking forward to watching Billions, Baskets, and London Spy this week.  I’m not a huge Paul Giamatti fan but I really like Damian Lewis and the woman who plays Giamatti’s wife.  It seems like it will be pretty over the top so I won’t be watching for any substantive stock market insight.  Just a fun guilty pleasure show.

Not sure about Baskets, but I like Zach G. (won’t even try to spell it).  The concept of the show is bizarre but I hope he can make it work.  I’m also curious to see how funny he is now that he’s skinnier.

I don’t know much about London Spy but I’m all about the British imports.  How can you not love that accent?  I’ll give the first episode a shot and see how I feel.

Lots of great tv and documentaries on the docket for the first half of 2016.  Bosch returns to Amazon Prime March 4.  I suppose Amazon chose that date to compete directly with the release of House of Cards on the same date.  I can’t say I’m dying to watch House of Cards like I was in prior seasons.  I just wasn’t that into the last season.  I’ll still be watching though.

House of Lies is back April 10.  I think this will be the last season since Kristen Bell has another show starting soon.

Better Call Saul is back February 15.  I’m really looking forward to that since it’s been off for almost a year.

And last but not least, GAME OF THRONES is back April 24.  Can’t wait!

Weekend update