What’s happening this week…

Lots of developments this week!  First and foremost, I’m still in shock that Prince is dead.  He was and still is an icon and was one of my favorite artists in the 80s.  I enjoyed some of his later stuff but the 80s was it for me.  I was trying to decide which of his songs is my favorite and it’s probably “When Doves Cry”.  It’s the first song that comes to mind when I think of Prince and if I recall correctly, the video was fairly controversial (I’ve never seen it because I didn’t have cable growing up).

Game of Thrones returns tonight!  I’m willing to bet my life savings that Jon Snow will be resurrected this season.  Not sure it will happen tonight though.

Hap and Leonard had a terrific first season.  I love Michael Kenneth Williams from The Wire and also from Boardwalk Empire.  I’m not a huge fan of James Purefoy but he’s good in this buddy show set in East Texas in the early 1980s.  Williams plays a gay Vietnam veteran while Purefoy plays a draft dodger who served time.  Antics ensue, including fighting off the most frightening female I’ve seen on tv in a long time, maybe since Kathy Bates in Misery.  Christina Hendricks is Purefoy’s love interest and she does a pretty good job with the role.  The series is based on a number of books.  Here’s hoping it gets renewed for a second season.

I thought the Better Call Saul finale was terrific.  It was definitely a slow burn but I knew something was up with Chuck as soon as Jimmy left him and he ran to the garage.  The question is will he take the tape to the police or use it to blackmail Jimmy into either giving up the law or changing his name and ceasing contact?  I’m going with one of the latter options.  It’s tricky because it’s unclear how many seasons this show can go, so it’s hard to predict how quickly the story will go to get to Gus Fring and others.  I’m sad I have to wait almost another year to see what happens.

Real Crime Profile is a great podcast.  I can’t remember how I discovered this podcast but it’s fascinating.  It’s hosted by an FBI/prosecutor, a member of Scotland Yard, and a casting director for Criminal Minds.  It really only needs the first two as the casting director serves as the liberal whiner, which I guess unfortunately represents a slice of the American public.  Anyway, the group dissected Making a Murderer in the first set of episodes, and now they’re working on the OJ Simpson case.  They review the tv series and discuss the evidence, whether events were accurately portrayed or embellished, and they reveal information the general public may not know.  There’s a new podcast every week or so, I highly recommend it.

Time to change into my GOT costume and rest up for the show…

What’s happening this week…

What I’ve been watching…

So I finished episode 10 of House of Cards last night.  This was the episode where the Underwoods received the dual nomination at the convention.  Now, I love this show, but this is preposterous on so many levels.  One could say the show has now jumped the shark.    I’ve been loving Claire’s rise throughout the series to become a true partner with her husband in their political schemes.  However, this is too much.  I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for the enjoyment of a show (Homeland I’m looking at you) but this puts me over the edge.  It’s totally unbelievable that a person with absolutely no political experience would be considered for VP.  The show gave us no explanation for this monumental ascension.  I have three episodes left which I’ll certainly watch but at this point, I’m skeptical.

I do hope the Underwoods get their comeuppance and that’s where this is all leading.  I’m suspicious of Tom the writer bedding Claire and I think he’s on the Conways’ payroll.  I’m hoping that will torpedo this whole Underwood campaign, though it seems that nothing stops them.  The show itself is a marvel and I love the cinematography.  Doug Stamper is still my favorite followed by Remy.  It looks like poor Remy is going to become entangled in the Underwood web yet again.

I’ll check back in once I finish the season.  Hope to do so this weekend so I can get to Bosch!

I don’t usually write about Shameless but I’m compelled to this week.  I think this season has been the funniest so far.  The scene this week where Frank went into the barber shop and came out with cornrows, with the rap music in the background, tore me up.  I detest William H. Macy’s character in this show but he is on fire this season.

As for Billions, I’m still not into Giamatti’s overacting and refuse to believe that anyone that unattractive could land Maggie Siff.  Claire Underwood as VP is more believable!  He looks like a stuck pig (yes I am superficial).  I was skeptical about Damien Lewis playing the hedge fund guy but he is terrific.  I loved the punch out and his “Worth it!”, especially when someone memed it on youtube.  I also couldn’t believe that the jackass father would drink and then get behind the wheel with a bunch of kids in the car.  Do people really do that in society?  Call me naive.

Better Call Saul is really great this season.  I love the Mike Ermentraut storyline.  I was wrong though, because I thought Nacho wanted him to get rid of someone higher up the food chain, i.e. Gus Fring.  I suspect that’s to come, if they can get Giancarlo Esposito back (shhh, that’s my birthday wish).

I’ve been listening to the official podcast after each episode, which is pretty cool.  Apparently, Mike was almost not a character in Breaking Bad.  Bob Odenkirk was unavailable for a scene in season two so they introduced Mike instead.  He was so well-received that the producers decided to keep him on.  Glad they did!

I have to give a mention to Hap and Leonard, my new favorite show.  I will say I only started watching it because Michael Kenneth Williams is in it.  The chemistry between all of the characters is a lot of fun and Michael is great in this role.  Apparently, the show is based on a book series.  There are only three episodes left of this season so we’ll see what happens.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading.

What I’ve been watching…