Binge-watching Dicte (Major spoiler warning)

So I’ve been binge-watching Danish crime series Dicte.  That is, until the second episode of season three.  That’s right, I’m done with this show now that they killed my favorite character.

The show is about probably the most egocentric female character I’ve ever seen, named Dicte.  She’s the only character I don’t like.  She’s a crime reporter for the local branch of a  major newspaper.  Somehow she gets herself involved in the center of all the major crimes that occur in the town of Aarhus.  That way, she not only writes about crime, but she’s usually a part of the investigation.  This brings her into the orbit of police officer John Wagner.

Wagner is a no nonsense homicide detective with no tolerance for Dicte’s bullshit/meddling.  Over the three seasons of the show, and several years in time, they develop a friendship.  I sensed trouble in the first episode of season three, when the producers had Wagner telling his son how much he loved him, and generally exhibiting feelings in every scene he was in.  That’s when you know a character is doomed.

Unfortunately, instead of killing off Dicte’s husband, the producers killed Wagner.  I have no idea whether Lars Brygmann, who played Wagner, intended to leave the show, or whether the producers thought this was a good move.  Either way, I’m done watching it.  Oh well, now on to give Hinterland a try.

Binge-watching Dicte (Major spoiler warning)

12 thoughts on “Binge-watching Dicte (Major spoiler warning)

  1. David Sawyer says:

    I totally agree. Dicte messed with the ransom and Wagner paid with his life. She’s blind to Bo’s guilt and deaf to her own. Solving Wagners’ last case hardly compensates for her behaviour.


  2. janice fowkes says:

    So sorry to see him go, my fav character, not sure if I will continue watching it now, he gave the show some level, such a great actor too.


  3. I was so disappointed last night when I watched Wagner be killed off of this show. He was the glue that held this cast of characters together. I feel like not watching this show anymore. It’s one of the most disappointing moments of television watching ever.


  4. Julie dewitt says:

    I loved the actor who played Wagner and I ,like many others it seems, don’t understand he was killed off. Hope we see more of this terrific actor.


  5. joan charbonau charboneau says:

    I am so disappointed that they killed Wagner…..Bad decision. I don’t know if I will watch any longer……I really liked that actor/character


  6. J Marie says:

    totally agree! I watched it last night on Netflix and as soon as I saw the blood coming from Wagner I stopped watching! Bad move for fans .. I will not continue watching


  7. Muthalali says:

    Aww I stopped watching as soon as they showed the coffin, I couldn’t believe they’d make such a ill conceived decision to take his character out of the series. Can’t find any reason why this happened. So I thought I’d commiserate with you all.


  8. Laura Woods says:

    I just watched the episode and witnessed the death of MY favorite character as well…what a shame as much more could have developed in his life with the return of his wife and son. His was the voice of calm and methodical reason which, in my humble opinion, is desperately needed to counter the manic behavior of Dicte. Horrible decision by the writers…I only hope that this decision came from the actor himself, and that we’ll be able to enjoy his work in another production.


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