Back from hiatus…

Sorry for the long hiatus, readers.  It’s been a busy few weeks here in reality.  However, I did have time over the last week to get back to tv watching.  I just had to write a quick post on my new favorite show “Happy Valley”.  I’ve had this show on my list for a while, since it was mentioned on a podcast I like called “Real Crime Profile”.

The real star of the show is Sarah Lancashire, a British actress who you would recognize if you saw her.  She plays a middle-aged granny to an 8 year old boy.  She’s also a sergeant in the police force of a small town somewhere in England.  The boy is the progeny of her 18 year old daughter, who committed suicide shortly after he was born, allegedly because the boy’s father raped her.

The show revolves around several ongoing crimes and granny’s involvement, both professionally and personally, with the perpetrators and victims.  I don’t want to give anything away but I literally couldn’t stop watching.

It’s only two seasons of six episodes each, so I was able to watch it pretty quickly. You’ll also recognize Siobhan Finneran, O’Brien from Downton Abbey, and Kevin Doyle, Molesley from same, as major characters.

It does take some time to get used to the accents but it’s worth the wait.  Check it out on netflix.

Back from hiatus…

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