More questions that answers…

Remember that movie “We Need to Talk about Kevin”?  Well, we need to talk about The Night Of.  I’ve been gathering my thoughts over the past few days but if you follow me on twitter, you already know I was disappointed by the finale (and you also know that I was so dead wrong about the ending it’s embarrassing).

The show began with a slow burn, Wire-esque if you will.  I found that aspect of it intriguing, and it left me wanting more, which I suppose is the point of storytelling. The finale felt like a choppy mess, seeking to wrap up loose ends but never really doing so.

Who killed Andrea?  What motive did her financial planner have to kill her?  Why didn’t anyone question the lack of blood anywhere on Naz if he was the killer?  Why did Naz keep getting tattoos during his trial?  Were those needles sterilized before use?  Why did they keep showing that deer head?  Why would Chandra pass drugs to Naz for no good reason?

I will say that the acting was superb.  There were so many great performances I can’t name them all but my standouts were the prosecutor and Detective Box.

I do hope we get to see the actor who played Naz more in future.


More questions that answers…

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