Healthy eating in Philly…

A few new places that just opened or are on the horizon in Center City:

1.Real Food Eatery @ 16th and Walnut.  I haven’t tried this place yet but it looks great.  It looks like a Chipotle-style buffet for healthy food.  You pick a protein, a side, and 2 veggies, and there are salads as well.

2.Crisp Kitchen @ 19th and Market.  This place is under construction but the website is appealing.  It appears similar to Honeygrow, i.e. you order on a tablet and can choose a bowl or make your own.

3.Naf Naf @ 20th and Market.  I’ve written about this place before since it’s been in the works for a while.  Apparently, it’s a Middle Eastern concept, again with a Chipotle-style buffet.  I hope it opens by the end of the summer.

I promise to report back once I try them.  Happy eating!


Healthy eating in Philly…

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