USA:ISIS::Westeros:White Walkers

So this is a theory I’ve been pondering since GOT ended a few weeks ago.  It seems to me that what’s going on in our country currently is very similar to what’s happening in Westeros.

Most of GOT to date has been about who will be king (or queen) and the show focuses on the disputes between factions for control of the throne.  However, the real threat exists north of the wall.  Very few characters on the show even believe that this threat exists, and even fewer have seen the threat themselves.  My theory alludes to something Melisandre said a few seasons ago while looking at the fire with Stannis, which was that “this war of five kings is meaningless, the real battle is yet to come” or something like that.  Meaning, everyone in Westeros is focused on winning the throne for herself, yet they fail to realize that the throne is meaningless considering the threat from the White Walkers.

If you think about it, that’s what going on here during this campaign, and in the country overall.  A few weeks ago, it was black lives matter.  This week, it’s Trump v. Clinton.  I’m sure next week, it’ll be a combination of those plus something else.  The point is, we’re so busy fighting ourselves that we forget the threat of ISIS (and many other threats) that exist elsewhere.  While these threats gain traction and prepare themselves for “the battle to come”, we Americans are too busy fighting each other.

I’m all for agreeing to disagree in a civil manner, and voting for the candidate one deems the most suitable for the job.  However, civil discourse in this country has ceased to exist.  Until we get ourselves back to that, I’m afraid those outside forces stand a chance.

Food for thought…

USA:ISIS::Westeros:White Walkers

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