What I’m reading…

So I just finished Richard Engel’s “And Then All Hell Broke Loose” about the history of the tension in the Middle East from inception to present.  It was a great overview of those conflicts especially for someone like me who has a very limited knowledge of it.  It’s amazing to realize how our government paved the way for ISIS by both its action and inaction over the last few decades.  Highly recommended.  I tore through it in a few days.

I just started “Underground Airlines” by Ben Winters.  I’m intrigued so far by the story of a fictional world where slavery is still permitted in four states (called “The Hard Four”).  The protagonist is a former slave who now works for the government as a bounty hunter, tracking and locating escaped slaves so that they can be returned.  It’s a totalitarian state horror scenario where the slaves have tattoos on their necks indicating who owns them.  Tough read so far but it’s an interesting one given the societal climate we’re in currently.

I’m on the waitlist at the library for Lenny Dykstra’s book “House of Nails”.  I heard an interview with him recently.  He’s certainly obnoxious but at least he owns his lifestyle and mistakes.

Happy reading!

What I’m reading…

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