For whom the bell tolls….

Not a good sign when the show starts out with bells tolling, followed by a haunting piano score, then violins and finally an organ.  As I rewatch the finale a second time it’s easy to see what will happen at King’s Landing.  I really had no idea what to expect the first time I watched it.  I do know I love Cersei’s outfit and I should have known when I saw it that she would end up kicking ass once again.

How ironic that we had to see Loras admit his “guilt” and get branded when he was blown up anyway?  I suppose if he had known he’d have gone for one last roll in the hay instead of confession.

The cool part about the explosion was that it wiped out a whole lot of problem children for Cersei (and me) in one fell swoop.  I really liked Margaery’s character but I suppose she had to be sacrificed for the greater good of amping up her grandmother’s penchant for revenge.  It was nice to see that dumbass religious fanatic go up in flames, as well as useless Mace Tyrell.

I’m not sure where the show is going with Jaime just yet.  I suspect he’ll end up queenslaying at some point, based on the look of horror on his face at the end.

Shouldn’t the guy at the front desk at the Citadel know who’s in charge at Castle Black?  Especially considering that the maesters are supposed to be all-knowing and everything?

I have to be honest, the parentage of Jon Snow completely disinterests me.  Who cares?  He’s already the king of the north and the most badass swordsman since that other guy.  I was disappointed that D2 wasted precious finale time on the Tower of Joy and Sam.

Now that Melisandre is riding south, who will she team up with?  There are endless possibilities such as Brienne, Arya, the Hound, or Gendry, though I think some or all of those people are mad at her.

So many feels over the Olenna/Sand Snakes/Varys dynamic!  Now it’s shaping up to be Daenerys and everyone vs. Cersei then the Night King vs. whoever’s left.  How they wrap that up in 13 hours is beyond me, absent another mass explosion.

Sorry guys, but Arya is still boring.

The best part of the episode for me was the ending with Daenerys, et al. finally getting a move on towards Westeros.  It only took 5 years!


For whom the bell tolls….

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