A British invasion on July 4th weekend…

So I’m catching up on two veddy British shows this weekend.  The first is “The Tunnel” with Stannis Baratheon, I mean Stephen Dillane, and a French actress who I don’t know.  PBS has only aired two episodes of the first season so far but it’s intriguing.  It’s a particularly timely series given the Brexit vote last week.

The show begins with a woman’s body discovered positioned exactly at the midpoint of the  Channel Tunnel between Britain and France.  When the police attempt to move the body, they realize it is cut cleanly in half at the midsection.  The top half is a British politician and the bottom half is a prostitute.  The perpetrator communicates with the police via a trashy journalist.  He or she is using the murder as a symbol of five European issues to be addressed.  The first is inequality before the law, i.e. that politicians and prostitutes are not considered equal before the law.  The second has something to do with society abandoning its elderly because they are a drain on society.  The second episode ended with the killing of at least 14 senior citizens at a nursing home via poison.

This is the kind of show everyone should be watching for its useful social commentary.  Unfortunately, I’m probably the only nerd stateside watching it.

The second show is “Thirteen” on BBC America.  I’ve just started it but it’s about a 26 year old woman who escapes her captor after 13 years of imprisonment in a basement.  She is reunited with her family but her younger sister is skeptical of her identity.  DNA supposedly confirms that this woman is the missing girl but something’s sketchy.

Just learned that Idris Elba will be on Discovery Channel Monday night starting at 7 pm EST.  Don’t care what it is but I’ll be watching.  Idris v. fireworks?  No contest!



A British invasion on July 4th weekend…

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