Just finished OITNB (spoiler alert)…

So I just finished what started out as a really slow season of OITNB.  I could tell they were setting up for a race war/riot theme and I settled in for the slow build to that.  The last few episodes were shocking and truly turned up the heat.  I sensed when the producers kept showing Poussey and Soso in a healthy, happy relationship that one of them was doomed.

The one thing this show does well is show people of all shapes, sizes, orientations, and colors as three-dimensional human beings.  Judy could have been the stereotypical matronly, Southern lady.  Rather, she was a bawdy, hilarious, and complicated woman.  The developing relationship between P and Soso could have been shown as entirely sexual in nature.  Instead, the producers showed them as emotional human beings tiptoeing towards an actual relationship.  These writers definitely know women.

I have to say that the Suzanne scenes started to wear on me after a while.  I get it, Ms. Aduba won an award for her work on this show so Netflix, et al. want to capitalize on that by featuring her prominently.  I admire the actress’ work but her schtick got on my nerves.  Did she need to be in every scene?  There are too many characters on this show to focus so heavily on her.  I need to see more of Cindy and Red, and less of Suzanne, the crackhead dealer girl, and annoying Piper.

Speaking of Piper, I was thrilled when her character got what she deserved.  This show is so much better when she is in the background and honestly, I’d prefer it if she received an early release from Litchfield and she faded into into obscurity.  The branding incident seemed to put her in her place and move her off screen which was fine with me.

I was talking about this show with some friends recently and we were trying to decide who our favorite characters were.  That’s a tough question to answer but my favorites are Cindy and Red.  One of my friends said Caputo while the other said P.  Caputo is an interesting choice and a pretty good one.  When his girlfriend came back inside after the stick up incident, I expected him to throw her out.  Instead, he tore her clothes off.  It’s scenes like that that make this show exceptional television.  (Sorry to S. that your favorite didn’t survive the season).

As for the ending, I enjoyed it but I was hoping that anyone but Daya would pick up that gun.  I could tell that the show was setting her up to fall in line with the Dominicans but I hoped she would stay above the fray.  I don’t see her pulling the trigger but does it really matter in terms of her future?

Looking forward to next season!

Just finished OITNB (spoiler alert)…

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