Bastard v. bastard

Sorry for the delay in posting on this week’s GOT episode, which I watched over and over again earlier this week.  It’s been a strange week here so please bear with me.

I thought the episode was great, with my only complaint being that everything that happened was fairly predictable.  We knew Jon Snow would win and we knew Ramsay would die (probably at the hands of Sansa).  Personally, I thought the Dany/Tyrion scenes were the best of the show, and not just because there was triple dragon action.  D/T really showed their bossness (word?) both in the verbal negotiations and when she boarded (?) her dragon and annihilated people.

My one query during the negotiations scene was don’t the eyeliner crew know by now that Dany has dragons and that dragons always win?  They were bargaining from a shitty position and didn’t seem to know it.

I also loved the interaction between Dany and Yara.  Could there be a relationship in their future?  This show certainly has the intestinal fortitude to go there if it wants to.  Why else would D2 have spent so much time on the reveal of Yara as a lesbian a few episodes ago if it weren’t somehow relevant to the larger story?  Just a thought.

There’s a lot of discussion online as to whether Dany is being set up to be the villain of the series given how power-hungry she is.  That could be, but I see it more as setting up Tyrion as her foil keeping her in check.  If she was the perfect ruler, she wouldn’t need him around and speaking for myself, I need him around!

I’m also wondering what role will the Dothraki play in the new Westeros, assuming that Dany conquers it?  Probably best for them to return to Vaes Dothrak since I don’t see them assimilating into Westerosi society.  I wonder if Dany has thought of what will happen once she wins?

There’s not much to say about the battle scene at Winterfell except that it was very well done.  As predicted, Jon Snow fell into Ramsay’s trap and tried to save Rickon.  He is so annoyingly like his father and look what happened to him.  It was also interesting to see how good of a battle commander Ramsay is.  It’s easy to lose sight of that since he’s such an evil villain, but he certainly appeared to know what he was doing.  The overhead shots of the battle were great, especially the scenes of the flying arrows.  I could feel Jon’s claustrophobia when he was burrowing his way out of the pile of bodies.

I was so sure that Tormund was going to die but I’m thrilled he didn’t.  He is one of my favorite characters.

I fear that the finale will be boring since it has to set up for next season, and also because it will have to devote time to Cersei, Arya, Bran, and the religious guy, who are definitely my least favorite characters.  Happy viewing!



Bastard v. bastard

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