Stuff I’m loving right now…

I’m in a writing mood but Game of Thrones isn’t on until tomorrow night.  So here’s a list of stuff I’m loving right now, in no particular order:

1.My foam roller.  This is more of a love/hate relationship.  I had physical therapy for a sore hip and the therapist recommended I try a foam roller.  Needless to say, skepticism ensued.  However, I’ve really noticed a difference not just in my hip flexors, but in my lower back, neck, and legs.  I try to do 15 minutes 4 – 5 times per week while watching tv.  It’s essentially a cheap massage minus the pleasure because you have to do the massage work yourself.

2.Sweetgreen’s Mexican Corn Elote Bowl.  I tried this for the first time yesterday.  It was awesome.  I was nervous because I’m a big eater and it doesn’t have protein in it.  However, it was plenty of food and I ate an apple as a snack later to supplement.  I’m dying to try the hello portobello salad on my next visit.

3.Wegman’s chocolate cake.  I don’t get to Wegman’s as much as I’d like to because traffic going to and from is a nightmare around here.  I had a piece of their chocolate cake yesterday and it’s that sugary sweet kind with lots of icing I remember eating as a kid.  Yum.

4.My lawn.  The lawn is in peak condition right now since the heat hasn’t gotten to it yet.  It looks just like a green carpet!

5.Early sunrise.  Seriously, when the sun comes up at 5:30, it’s so much easier to pop up out of bed and get started.  Monday is the longest day of the year so it should stay light out until close to 9 pm.  Then it will begin to turn the other way so I have to savor this now while I can.

Stuff I’m loving right now…

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