So glad Arya is someone…

…so we can move the f*** on!  That chase scene reminded me of the Terminator.  Yet we still end up where we started, which is with Arya heading back to Westeros.  She better sword the hell out of someone when she gets there, and it better be Cersei.  I’m so bored with both of them.

I feel like I don’ have a ton to say about this episode since it was such a table setter.  I absolutely loved the Jaime/Brienne interactions this week.  The power of these actors in the tent scene was overwhelming.  I love the fact that Jaime is really coming into his own as a character, when it seemed he would be just another meathead in the first episode of the series.  Clearly, he and Cersei can’t end up together so I hope that means she’s toast.

Query 1 – what’s the rumor Cersei and Qyburn were discussing?  I read elsewhere that it may be a rumor of secret stores of wildfire underneath King’s Landing that Cersei may try to use to burn down the city.  Why not, she has nothing to lose?

Query 2 – Where’s Varys going for ships and friends in Westeros?  Initially I thought Pyke but I doubt Varys would be dumb enough to pursue an alliance with Euron Greyjoy.

Query 3 – Will Yara and Theon end up at the rear of the slavers’ ships and ultimately help Daenerys defeat them?

I thought the Riverrun scenes were very well done and the behind the scenes production video (available on demand) was really cool to watch in that regard.  The production team built the drawbridge so it would look authentic.  I was hoping that the Blackfish would go with Brienne and Pod but I guess his watch is ended.

It looks like the big battle between Jon and Ramsay will happen next week.  There has to be at least one big death before the end of this season so I’m going with Cersei and Sansa. I’m wavering on Sansa just because I think D2 could do some interesting things with a Sansa/Tyrion/Cersei reunion in future.  But I’ll stick with those two for now.  Ramsay definitely dies this season if only because his schtick is so over.

Only two episodes left!

So glad Arya is someone…

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