Out and about in Philly…

So I was out and about in Philly recently and I wanted to mention some great eats I had.  I decided to visit an oldie but a goodie – The Continental in Old City – for lunch.  It was an idle weekday so I decided to stop in for lunch to see what it’s like to be a lady who lunches. It was amazing to see how crowded this place got, even at lunchtime.  I remember it teeming with people back in the day when I hung out there on the weekends but I figured weekday lunch would be dead.  I was wrong!  The food was great, as per the usual Stephen Starr fare.  I had the rad na which was served in a huge bowl and was delicious.  I declined dessert because I had other plans for that (more on that later).

I then ventured to Spruce Street Harbor Park to check it out.  What a cool place!  I imagine on weekends it’s insanely busy but on this particular weekday it was manageable.  They have some great food vendors, hammocks, deck chairs, and games.  My companion commented that if the city wants to compete in the global tourist trade, this is a great start.  I completely agree.

I then stopped at Shane’s Confectionary to check out the candy.  If you’re not familiar with it, Shane’s is an old time candy store in Old City that sells sweets of all kinds.  The shop itself is worth checking out to see all of the candy we ate when we were kids.  It was great to be there on a weekday because it was empty, so I could appreciate all of the goodies.  On the weekends when I’ve been there before, it’s very busy and thus harder to browse.  I went with the mint bark and a dark chocolate covered pretzel to take home for later.

Then it was time for dessert at The Franklin Fountain two doors down.  I believe this is owned by the same people who own Shane’s.  FF is an old time ice cream shop.  All of the ice cream is homemade.  There was still a line of people but it was definitely quicker than on a weekend.  I went for the chocolate chip which was delicious.

The capper of the trip was that we landed a parking space on the street and didn’t get a ticket!  Bravo.

Out and about in Philly…

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