The Broken Man ain’t so broken anymore

Pardon me if I’m knocked off my game today, readers.  I’m still disoriented by the first cold open on GOT before the opening credits.  I had no idea the Hound was coming back.  I have mixed feelings.  I love the Hound, but if D2 keeps “killing” characters and then bringing them back, the deaths lose meaning.  It’s a cheat and I expect better from this show.

I need a refresher on all the people Sandor is mad at – I presume Arya is one of them for leaving him for dead?  The twitterverse seems to believe that the show is setting up the trial by combat to be between the Hound and the Mountain, but I think that’s too obvious. I’m guessing the Sand Snakes will strike before the Cersei trial comes to fruition.

My birthday wish finally come true – a new spot on the map.  I don’t think we saw Riverrun before but I could be wrong.  At this point, there’s not a lot of time left to cover new ground so I was pleased to see one.

In my view, Margaery is winning the throne by playing the long game.  I loved the contrast between her old outfits and her new pious ones.  I’m glad she was able to let grandma know she was on top of things with her rose sketch.  The Sparrow needs his head on a spike pronto, especially considering his neanderthal views on sex.

Tormund is becoming one of my favorite characters.  The actor who plays him has a great screen presence and I loved his line, “We are not clever like you Southerners.  When we say we’ll do something, we do it.”  That line was an interesting contrast to most other groups on this show who never say what they mean, or do what they say.

I was also surprised that the biggest phony of them all, Cersei, admitted her mistakes to Olenna.  I hope this admission means she’s not long for this world but I fear not.

I’m also loving the Blackfish.  The actor who plays him is mesmerizing in this role.  He is nonplussed by everything.  He knows his nephew is toast so he called the Freys’ bluff.  I’m afraid his demise is nigh since we’ve seen so little of him up to this point but I’m not sure how that happens.  Will we see a sword fight between Jaime and Brienne?  If so, I’m sad to say I think Brienne loses.  I’m at a loss to figure the Riverrun situation out.

I have to say that Lyanna Mormont is now my favorite character, and that’s saying a lot.  She reminds me of me at that age when I was lording over my sandbox.  The show is bringing itself full circle this season by featuring the women in control after they’ve been subjugated, raped, tortured, belittled, and imprisoned in all the other seasons.  Perhaps this is what George had in mind when he started writing?  If so, then I’m all for it.

Yara certainly gave new meaning to the term “motivational speaker”.  I guess the carrot and stick approach is effective at times.  It’s clear to me that only one of the siblings can survive and I suspect it will be her.  Theon will have to sacrifice himself for her in some way.  Maybe she and Daenerys will be a thing?


The Broken Man ain’t so broken anymore

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