Blood of my Blood…

I have to say I was still bored with GOT this week.  I understand that the pieces need to be put into place to set up the rest of the season (and show) but I was bored.  Here are my random observations:

-We need a new city on the map but I don’t think we’re getting one.  Why wasn’t Hornhill there?

-I had a feeling it would be Benjen who returned to help Bran but I wasn’t sure.  It was kind of a cop out because he seemed to be pretty dead for a while.  I don’t understand why he’s looking like a wight but isn’t one?

-I’m also not sure where D2 are going with Bran’s “memories”?  It appears his flashbacks are focusing on the Mad King so will we learn that his assassination occurred differently, or for different reasons?  Or will Bran be able to go back and influence the outcome?

-Margaery is playing them all!  That’s what I wrote in my notes as soon as she appeared with her boy husband.  I’m sure she has an endgame but it’d be nice if she clued in her grandma.  Perhaps she will poison both Tommen and the great unwashed and ascend the throne herself?

-It was nice to see Gilly in something other than a burlap sack and with a shower.  Her father-in-law made things a bit uncomfortable but at least she got a decent meal out of it. I expect he’ll send his people out after the sword at some point.  I assume the show spent so much time on this storyline because there will be a payoff in future.  Otherwise, I just don’t care about Sam and Gilly.

-Still not sure where we’re going with the play.  I get that we need to see Arya defy Jaqen and the stick girl but it’s a total waste of time to me.  There was too much time spent on this the past two episodes that could have been devoted to more interesting topics, i.e. Tyrion.

-Hey Tommen, great idea to combine religion and politics because that always works.  I truly hope this unwashed storyline ends soon because it’s boring.  I think Tommen and the unwashed will be gone by the end of the season so perhaps that’s why they’re spending so much time on it now.  Fingers crossed.


-Daenerys appeared a bit unhinged during that speech, didn’t she?  Was it necessary for her to rally the Dothraki like that?  It seemed to me that they were already with her, and I personally would have saved that speech for later since they still have a long way to go.  I wonder if the show is setting her up to be this maniacal leader like her father?

-Finally, what’s up with the title of the episode?

Blood of my Blood…

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