Whole new meaning for “hold the door”

Well that was quite an episode.  In my first run through, I thought it was a boring episode.  However, I watched it a second time and have a newfound respect for the ending.  I thought we already knew that Bran could go back in time and influence events when his dad heard him yell at the Tower of Joy scene last week?  The flashback scene was very well done and I liked how D2 overlapped the past with the present.  It just wasn’t that surprising to me.

One thing that made me laugh about the WW scene was how much faster these zombies are compared to the ones on The Walking Dead.  RIP Direwolf (Summer?), whose death I was much more upset about than Hodor.

I’m wondering why Sansa lied to the group about how she learned of Blackfish’ army?  Is the show setting up some sort of conflict between Sansa and Jon later since he’s not technically a Stark?  I’d hate to see that because these two need all the help they can get.  I still think Sansa will kill Ramsay but she will end up dead herself somehow.  Now’s the time where the show will start to kill off more major characters to narrow the field for the end.

Arya is still boring.  Please unleash her.  My fellow viewer believes she will kill Jaqen and the stick girl which is intriguing.  Maybe that will get her out of that boring storyline and back to assassinations.

I bet the Children are regretting creating the White Walkers!  I wonder if Bran can go back in time and undo that?  FV thinks not, as he believes Bran can influence events but not change them per se.  We’ll see.

Speaking of Bran, what a dumbass!  He had to go and see what was lurking behind all of those zombies?  What did he think he’d find, flowers and unicorns?  Bran was always my least favorite Stark, as he’s the most boring.  He better redeem himself now, especially since so many people have had to die so he could live.

I’m a bit perplexed as to why the residents of Pike would elect that psychopath who’s been away for so long?  FV remarked that perhaps it’s a reflection on current events, i.e. Trump v. HRC.  Maybe the electorate on Pike is so vehemently opposed to a woman in power that they were willing to go with the megalomaniac instead?  Just a thought.  I will say that the setting on Pike is spectacular.  It looks like Ireland to me.

Time for Jorah to go, but I fear he will be back to rescue Daenerys in the end.  His storyline has come to an end as far as I’m concerned.

We need to talk about Kinvara.  She scares me, sort of like the little girl in the Exorcist.  There’s that line again, “Who said anything about him?”.  I did note that she was wearing the same necklace that Melisandre wears, so are we to assume that she’s an old hag as well?

I’m excited to watch tomorrow night’s episode since it falls on a holiday weekend.  I hope to stay up and write about it after but we’ll see.  Happy watching!



Whole new meaning for “hold the door”

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