Shame, shame…

…in reference to my slacking on getting this post up before tonight’s episode.  We had the best episode so far this season last week and it took me this long to write about it.  I shall be taking my walk of shame later (neighbors beware!).

So much to cover!  Let’s just say I got the tingles when Jon and Sansa actually reunited.  This show has conspired against the poor Starks since forever (see Ned, head removal), so I expected nothing less than for Sansa to arrive at Castle Black and Jon having already left. It was a lovely reunion, more so because these two were never close as children.  I’m glad to see the maturity in Sansa now that she realizes that the only way they can be safe is to fight.

The twitterverse was abuzz this week with hopes of a Brienne/Tormund hookup (celebrity name Bormund?  Trienne?).  I love these two characters so nothing would please me more.  Plus, Brienne really needs to blow off some stream, don’t you think?  At the very least, I expect they’ll be fighting side by side at Winterfell against Ramsay.

It looks like Robin still sucks at archery.  Believe me Robin, I feel you.  I sucked at archery too.  However, I wasn’t trying out for Lord of the Vale.  This kid is such a dud.  The only saving grace from the Eyrie scene was the return of Littlefinger.  I knew he was lurking somewhere in the shadows but I wasn’t quite sure where.  How will he explain himself to Sansa?  I suppose we’ll find that out tonight.

I’m still loving every scene Tyrion is in.  Yes, his Westerosi accent leaves something to be desired but he steals the show in every scene.  I really enjoy watching him and his machinations though I’m not sure what Daenerys will say when she returns.  I’m also wondering when T will put those dragons to good use now that they’re all besties.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I drew a (very) rudimentary diagram of the position of all of the warring factions and their respective armies in my notes this week.  It’s so hard keeping track of everyone and what alliances they’ve made (and broken).  My suspicion is that Dorne will enter the fray at King’s Landing just as the Tyrell/Lannister armies are preparing to free Margaery.  No way that goes smoothly.  Just as long as someone gets rid of these religious zealots who are taking up a lot of screen time and boring me to tears.

I’m going out on a limb to predict that Arya will be the one to kill Cersei but I fear that D2 will make us wait until the end of the series for that.  I truly loathe the character and her redundancy but the showrunners seem determined to keep her around.

According to my diagram, it looks like the armies from the Vale and from the Iron Islands will surround Winterfell along with Jon’s faction to hopefully defeat Ramsay and his crew. That of course won’t happen without mass casualties and I can’t predict who will go.  It will have to be some big names like maybe Tormund, or even Brienne.  Not sure if Theon will make it but hopefully long enough to help his sister take control of the Islands.  I do think it will be Sansa who kills Ramsay in the end.

Speaking of alliances, Lady Olenna is nothing if not pragmatic.  She made a deal with Tywin and will do so with Cersei for the good of the group.  I’m just not sure how that will work out.  It doesn’t seem that Loras has any fight left in him, so he may be a casualty too.

I’m not really sure what to say about Daenerys’ scene that hasn’t already been said.  The special effects were awesome, the burning up of male chauvinist pigs was awesome, and her taking control of the Dothraki army is awesome.

Happy show-watching!



Shame, shame…

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