“Holy shit it worked…”

…is the best way for me to categorize last week’s episode, “Oathbreaker”.  That’s the first thing I wrote in my notes after I saw Melisandre’s reaction to Jon’s resurrection.  Of course, we weren’t surprised as this had been the subject of much discussion since last summer.  I’m glad D2 decided to dispense with the minutiae of how Jon came back from the dead, etc. and just got on with it.

I thought the most interesting part of this arc was Melisandre’s disappointment when she learned from Jon that there was nothing on the other side.  Apparently, she expected a bright light and singing angels but he said there was nothing (which I happen to believe is accurate, but that’s a different post).

I love the big redheaded guy (sorry forget his name).  I figured he would have a larger role this season and it looks like he will.  I expect that he and Jon will lead the fight to regain Winterfell from Ramsay and his band of merry flayers.

The flashback scene was interesting and the sword fight was very well done.  Whoever cast young Ned was spot on.  To be honest, I just don’t care about Lyanna, et al.  We all know that she is giving birth to Jon in the Tower of Joy and she will make Ned promise to say that the baby is his own.  And no, I didn’t read any spoilers but it’s glaringly obvious.  Thus, Jon is the rightful heir to the throne although I’m sure Gendry would have something to say about that.

Daenerys is marginalized yet again.  Yawn.

I found the scene with Varys and the spy compelling because he’s a man who’s always so in control yet he has no balls.  Perhaps that’s why he’s so dominating, because he simply has nothing more to lose?

I loved Tyrion’s line about history consisting of great conversations in elegant rooms.  it really is true if you think about it.  This show has great battle/fight scenes but let’s face it, the real battles are decided behind closed doors between a select few in power.

I’m glad to see Lady Olenna back in action.  Her son is such a wimp and I’m not sure why he’s even still around.  Send him back to Highgarden stat.

I’ll leave you with a final point to ponder.  Why did Jon renege his oath and where will he go now?  I figured his oath would be stronger than ever now that he sees how much trouble the Night’s Watch is in.  Perhaps when Sansa returns to Castle Black he’ll reconsider and attack Winterfell once he learns what Ramsay did to her?

I consider this a bridge episode and I hope that this week’s episode has more action.

“Holy shit it worked…”

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