Looks like the ladies are (finally) getting their revenge…

Sorry it’s taken a week to post on what I think is the best premiere episode for Game of Thrones to date.  I wanted to watch it again to gather my thoughts.  I am really psyched about this season as this episode set the table for a lot to come:

-Jon Snow is not dead.  Well he is technically dead but he won’t be for long.  That is all.  Oh, and the wildlings will end up defending the Snow group against Thorne, the Boltons, et al.

-Girls rule!  Finally, the Sand Snakes are getting something to do.  It was a shame to waste the talents of Alexander Siddig in such a minor role so it was time for him to go.  Looks like the women are taking over in Dorne and hopefully elsewhere, to which I say it’s about time.

-I welled up when Brienne and Pod swept in to save Sansa.  I was hoping the show would avoid the lather, rinse, repeat of Ramsay beating up on both Sansa and Reek.  It makes sense that Brienne was nearby and she was probably tracking the Boltons tracking them.  She finally got to swear her oath and I hope she sticks to it.  The title of the third episode is “Oathbreaker” which makes me nervous.  I’m thinking Brienne will be put in a situation where she has to choose between Jaime and Sansa and will choose him.  We’ll see.

-Cersei is getting everything she deserves.  I loathe her character, always have, always will.  Can’t wait until she’s killed off, which I fear D & D will leave until the bitter end.

-Why oh why does Daenerys have to be sidelined in these boring non-Westeros areas?  I guess the show needs her elsewhere while the chess pieces are assembled, but she’s been meandering far too long.  I don’t care what happens to Meereen.  Hopefully stone-man-to-be and the other guy rescue her soon and get her back on task.

-Still don’t care about Arya.

-I’m wondering if we’re seeing Tyrion leading Meereen to set him up as the eventual ruler of Westeros?  Since we all know that Jon Snow will be resurrected, I’m wondering if there will be a triumvirate of him, Daenerys, and Tyrion, almost like the “holy trinity” in catholicism.  Hold on, I’m going deep here, but perhaps the resurrected Jon Snow would be the “holy spirit”, Tyrion would be the “god” and Daenerys the “jesus”.

-OK back from the rabbit hole, we have to talk about the ending!  I truly thought Melisandre was preparing to do the corpse.  I really did.  I still think that may happen as gross as this show is.  What actually happened was much cooler.  I think she may end up sacrificing herself to resurrect Jon Snow and that’s why she looks so sad.  Or it could’ve been because of what she saw in the mirror.

Happy Game of Thrones day!

Looks like the ladies are (finally) getting their revenge…

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