Thoughts on House of Cards…

So I finished House of Cards last night and I’ve had some time to digest it.  I’m still not sure how I feel about it – numb?  anti-climactic? unrealistic? amazed? It’s probably a combination of all of those.  It was interesting to see the parallels between the show and the current election cycle.

I thought Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright did a great job this season.  Spacey tended to overreach with the character in prior seasons but he was spot on for me this season.  I hated the hallucinations he had during his hospitalization but I suppose the producers have to throw back to the murders of Zoe and Peter somehow.

I love Wright in this role and her character is one I typically love to love – evil, cold-hearted, ruthless, ambitious, and most definitely not a people-pleaser.  She says the things that one is thinking but usually doesn’t have the guts to say out loud, i.e. “don’t you regret having children?”, which made me clap and cheer.  My main problem with her character this season was that it was simply preposterous to believe that a person with absolutely no political experience would be considered for vice president.  I just couldn’t buy that and it ruined the season for me.

I also found it odd that the Washington Herald would choose to break the story on the Underwoods in the middle of the hostage crisis.  I understand that the paper wanted to pull the trigger before the election but it seems to me that the expose will either be ignored by most Americans or simply get drowned out by everything else going on.  It just seemed like a poor marketing decision to me.

I suppose that the next season, assuming there is one, will focus on the fallout from the article, the election, and the “war on terror”.  I could see the producers skipping ahead to after the election and dropping us in at some random moment a few months after the inauguration.  Assuming the Underwoods prevail, which is a safe assumption, what/who will the foil be next season?  Will the Conways still be around?  I expect that Joel Kinnaman was very well-received, especially by the female audience and by conservatives.  I can’t see the show dispensing of him so quickly, unless he’s already attached to another project.

I thought Kinnaman was great in this role.  I’ve liked him ever since he was on “The Killing”, which was a terrible show with great actors.  I didn’t realize he is Swedish.  I though Kevin Spacey was tall, but Kinnaman is a giant!

Favorite scenes:

1.Claire, Frank, and Tom sitting down to a lovely breakfast the morning after.  It was an interesting commentary on the Underwoods’ relationship that they could sit together peacefully after what went on the night before.

2.Frank and Wil in the room alone allegedly discussing what to do about ICO.  Wil was a formidable opponent for Frank and that really showed here.  I think the producers were trying to show that Wil was a young Frank and perhaps Frank realized that during that scene.

3.Doug Stamper finally finds love!  Or at the very least companionship.  Let’s hope he keeps his connection to this woman under wraps, and stays on the wagon.

4.Jackie and Remy back together again.

5.Claire asking “Do you regret having your children?” when asked if she regretted not having them.  Childfree women everywhere cheered.

On to Bosch!

Thoughts on House of Cards…

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