Thoughts on the circus, I mean last night’s debate

I believe I made it through 14 minutes before I went to bed in disgust.  It was at the point where Jeb Bush defended his brother by mentioning how great his mommy and daddy are. This is how we’re supposed to elect a president?  I don’t blame Bush because he’s simply operating in the ridiculous environment we live in.  If you parse everything that was said last night, and in all of the other debates, each candidate was pandering to sound byte social media circles and his or her donors in the audience.

Say what you will about Trump, but I loved his calling out the fact that those booing him in the audience were donors for the other candidates, while he only had his wife and son there.  Trump has issues but confidence and telling like it is aren’t among them.

When I turned on the tv, I couldn’t believe that Carson was on the screen!  What is he still doing there?  I’m sure he’s a smart man given his pedigree but he has no right to be there. He is so out of his depth it’s not even funny.  I hope his withdrawal is imminent.

I have to say that Ted Cruz, despite his message, is the best debater and sounds the most intelligent.  Now that’s not saying much with this pool of candidates, but he has a great presence and can say ridiculous things and make them sound feasible.

IF I vote for a Republican it will be either Trump or Kasich.  Kasich is the lone wolf of this group in that he is the only one who seems to ride the middle and sound reasonable.  Historically I can’t vote Republican because I’m pro-choice but this environment calls for extreme action.  Maybe Trump can provide that?  I’m tired of the same old politics as usual with special interests controlling what happens.

As for the Democrats, IF I vote for a Democrat it will be Clinton.  I don’t care that she’s a woman but she’s the most qualified out of everyone on both sides.  Sanders is the most dangerous candidate I’ve ever seen and he must be stopped.

Stand by for a tv posting, hopefully later today.

Thoughts on the circus, I mean last night’s debate

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