What I’ve been reading…

TV update another time but I want to talk about two books I finished recently.  I just finished “Five Days at Memorial” by Sheri Fink.  I simply couldn’t put this book down.  It was almost 500 pages of reporting on what went on at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

I’m sure this was reported back at the time but it was lost to me then because of the overwhelming amount of news out of New Orleans at the time.  The book focuses on the care, evacuation, and alleged euthanasia of a number of patients after the hospital lost power and resources.  Ms. Fink does a great job of reporting on who was there, why each person was there, what happened, and how multiple personalities dealt with the situation.

Ms. Fink tried to be objective but towards the end of the book it was clear to me that she believed that Dr. Anna Pou deliberately administered fatal doses of drugs to patients in order to euthanize them because they were either too sick to be evacuated or in one case, too heavy to be evacuated.  That was never pursued in a court of law because a grand jury declined to indict Dr. Pou.

I’m an absolutist so I believe that if Dr. Pou did this, she had her reasons and I can’t judge what she and others did under the terrible circumstances they endured.  If the family members of the patients were so concerned about the medical decision making regarding their loved ones, why didn’t they stay at the hospital instead of leaving and saving themselves?  I believe that Dr. Pou and others did the best they could at the time under the circumstances.  Apparently the grand jury agreed.  Regardless, the book provides a great deal of food for thought.

Before that, I read “Operation Thunderbolt” by Saul David.  This was another one I couldn’t put down.  It was an account of the Israeli rescue operation of a hijacked plane taken to Uganda.  I hadn’t heard anything about the event before reading the book so it was all new information for me.  I recently saw a really interesting Frontline on Benjamin Netanyahu and his brother was a central character in the book.  Highly recommend!

So now I’m all out of stuff to read and I’m looking for suggestions.  I’m waiting for “Dark Money” from the library but it looks like I’m far down on the waitlist so it’ll be a while.  Back to TV talk next time.

What I’ve been reading…

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