Saturday update….

Whoa, mind blown Childhood’s End.  I finished this three-part series last night and it left me pondering many questions.  What are we?  Are there others out there?  How often did Charles Dance have to redo his make-up?   Could I be any more terrified of kids than I already am?  (yes).

I thought the series was really well done and loved that it didn’t have the typical “happy ending”.  Instead, earth blows up and the “world” goes on. The shame is that only true nerds like me will watch this series and ponder these questions.

Just started watching Making a Murderer on Netflix last night.  I finished episode two and was ready to binge watch the rest but couldn’t stay up.  I’m at the part where Steve Ayers is now being accused of murder and it doesn’t look good for him.  Based on what the sheriff’s department did to him with the rape case, I’m skeptical of the convenience of Avery’s blood in the victim’s car and her key in his home.  However, is it believable that the police would go so far as to plant actual blood on Avery’s property and the victim’s, and move the victim’s remains?  I’m on the fence so far.

I’m just starting to read “Killing a King” about the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.  Great read so far.  I hope to finish it in a few days.  The next book on the docket is about Germans during WWII.  It’s a 600 pager so that’ll take a while.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.





Saturday update….

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