Mid-week update…

Ugh, Survivor.  I thought the challenges leading up to the “finale” itself were great, and the show really had a lot of suspense.  As I said before, anyone but Kimmi or Jeremy for the win.  As soon as I realized who was in the final three, I stopped watching.  It was so obviously edited for Jeremy to be the winner and have this breakthrough win.  I felt insulted as a viewer and former Survivor fan who began watching in 2000.

Jeremy seems like a nice enough guy but Spencer, Kelly, or Tasha truly deserved to win out of the final four.  I feel like Jeremy didn’t do much throughout the game, and somehow managed to win immunity at a crucial point.  I also don’t like a sob story “winning” the game for someone.  Survivor to me is all about merit, who you are on the island and what you do there.  I am truly disappointed.  Back to not watching Survivor again.

Just finished reading Black Flags by Joby Warrick.  Terrific and terrifying at the same time.  I tweeted earlier that every American, especially those running for president, should read this book to understand the threat we face from ISIS.  Mr. Warrick did a great job with difficult material, managing to make a very complex issue accessible to this admittedly oblivious reader.

Best tv lines of 2015 time!  Oh so many but mine was “The dwarf lives until we find a cock merchant.”  If you don’t recognize the line it’s not worth explaining 🙂

Is it me or is The Good Wife spiraling into irrelevance?  It should just end this season already.  There are way too many moving parts and I just don’t care about any of the characters anymore.  Eli’s reveal at the end would have been compelling a few seasons ago but now, it went over like a lead balloon.  Who cares about Wil?  Who is Wil?  There are so many people on the show now it’s hard to remember him.

I thought Homeland and The Affair had great penultimate episodes this week.  That’s usually when these shows ramp it up.  I can’t believe Quinn will die after all this but it’s also hard to believe he can recover.  I also can’t believe they let Allison escape (again).  I still think Saul is the mole, especially since he insisted that the prisoner be put in a room with his clothing and allowed him to jump out a window!  Duh.  For the record, I still hate Noah Solloway.  I’m not quite sure how it will leave off this week but since the show was just renewed for another season, I’m sure there’ll be a cliffhanger.

It seems like America is waking up to the fact that Ben Carson is not presidential material.  His poll numbers are fading and rightfully so.  He just doesn’t have it folks.  I couldn’t even make it past the first 5 minutes of this week’s debate, as I was working on building the bunker where I’ll be living when the next president takes office!

Luther is back tonight on BBC, can’t wait!


Mid-week update…

One thought on “Mid-week update…

  1. Lorrain, u are quite intelligent and I realized that many of ur opinions are in much agreement as your mom’s.. I didn’t want Jeremy to win either and hated him winning on a sob story !!!!!


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