What I’m up to this week…

I’m working on my year end lists of favorites, but I’ll pull an Obama and give you my favorite song, book, and movie from 2015 – The Boys in the Boat, Bad Blood, and Magic Mike XXL.  Lol on the last one, I can’t even remember what I saw this year besides that so I’ll probably amend that later.

Anyway, 2015 favorite lists are for another post.  Here’s what I’ve been up to this week:

1.Just started reading “Black Flags” by Joby Warrick.  Great read so far.  It’s about the origin and rise of Al-Zarqawi and ultimately ISIS and how our government propelled the group into power without even intending to.  I should have it done in a few days since I can’t put it down.  I think it’s a NYT bestseller and on the list of top 100 books for 2015.

2.Just started watching “The Grinder” on Fox.  I’m only a few episodes in but it’s pretty funny for a network show.  I’m mostly off network tv anymore but this show made me laugh out loud.  Rob Lowe is terrific and so is Fred Savage.  I can’t imagine how annoying it must be to have an actor who plays a lawyer on tv question your every move as a real life lawyer.

3.So glad Top Chef is back, with one caveat.  Who decided Grayson was the one to bring back?  She is loathsome.  I didn’t like her on her original season and somehow she comes off even worse here.  She is a one trick pony who is way out of her league with this group.  It’s clear that Bravo wants a redemption storyline but she can’t deliver.  I really like Kwame so far and he appears to be one of the network’s contenders, given the editing of him.

4.Serial.  I have to get on this Serial thing.  I haven’t even listened to season one and it’s already on season two.  Oh well, it’s on my bucket list.

5.Stick a fork in Donald Trump, he’s done.  For such an intelligent businessman, he sure doesn’t know how to communicate.  How can he ban all Muslims from entering the country?  Newsflash Donald, there are American citizens who are Muslims.  What will you do about them?  I’m not sure if he’s playing at becoming president because his behavior makes no sense for someone who really wants to win.  No matter, this election is Clinton’s for the taking barring a #hummusgate on her part.

Looking forward to the Survivor finale on Wednesday, we’ll see if I can stay awake for the whole thing.  I’m rooting for Kelly Wentworth or Spencer, basically anyone who isn’t Jeremy or Kimmie.  Thanks for reading!



What I’m up to this week…

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