Random tv thoughts this week…

Sorry I haven’t been around in a while but I haven’t been inspired to write much about tv recently.  Here are a few random thoughts on what I’m watching right now:

Survivor – I haven’t watched Survivor in years but I was flipping through on premiere night this year and it sucked me in.  I don’t know a lot of the competitors but I like most of them.  I was thrilled when Kass and Andrew Savage were voted off.  Two more loathsome individuals don’t exist.  Oh wait, I forgot about Stephen.  So happy he’s gone!  He must have done something really special during his season to get on second chance as a fan favorite.  I’m rooting for Kelly Wentworth, Joe, Tasha, or Spencer to win.  As long as it’s not Kimmy.  Has there ever been a more useless physical player?  And shouldn’t she have lost some weight out there by now?

TWD – I’m very worried about Daryl now that Glenn is alive.  I figured Glenn was alive with the piss poor fake out the producers gave us a few weeks ago.  I love Glenn’s character but that was a cheap trick and this show is officially no longer appointment television for me.  If Daryl dies I am done.  That is all.

The Affair – The second season is far superior to the first one.  I could not care less about the whodunit part but the undercurrents of these characters are compelling.  I HATE Noah, Whitney, and Helen’s mother, but I think we’re supposed to.  I’m even starting to dislike Allison for being in love with this narcissistic jerk.  Maura Tierney is killing it this season and so is Richard Schiff.  I’m not sure if this show has been renewed for another season and it may not need one.  I’m still thinking that Whitney killed Scott and her parents are covering for her?

The Man in the High Castle – I only have one episode left and the ending of episode nine really blew my mind.  Was Joe in a German soldier’s uniform or American?  How is Frank still alive after that?  Does he have a twin?  I hope to finish it this weekend and get some questions answered.  The show itself is a cool concept but it’s a bit of a slow burn.  I’m hoping there’s a big payoff coming in the finale.

Thanks for reading.  Maybe I’ll post again this weekend if something inspires me 🙂


Random tv thoughts this week…

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