Weekend wrap-up

I’m still processing what really happened on Homeland this week. I remarked to my fellow watcher towards the end that it was a boring episode, then the proverbial shit hit the fan. Is Saul involved? Does he know? Is he behind it? Is the redhead using him to orchestrate her plan/s? Loyal readers know that I have believed that Saul is the mole from the very beginning of the show, because what better twist could there be? It didn’t all seem to fit together until now, assuming he’s involved. He did look shocked when the plane blew up but of course that could have been fake.

Is redhead working for the Russians? Israelis? Both? None? Many questions and I need a Carrie pushpin wall to keep track of all of the players and stories. Now I’m thinking maybe During is involved and is seeking retribution on the Israelis for something but that doesn’t make sense, at least not yet.

Did anyone else think Carrie’s “disguise” was terrible? Her facial features are way too recognizable. She needs something better than a Mia Farrow wig to hide herself. Colored contacts at least!

So glad that The Profit is back! Marcus Lemonis for president. I’m not an animal person but the concept of Bentley’s Bakery is a great one, especially since pet products are hot right now. These owners were probably one of the nicest set of owners we’ve seen on this show, with truly good intentions that went a little bit off track. Fortunately, they listened to Marcus’ advice and it appears they’re doing well. I chuckled when I realized that the show aired right after the RNC debate on economics, thinking that Americans could learn more about economics from Marcus than they ever would from any politician.

Speaking of what was called a debate but was simply a travesty, CNBC ought to be ashamed. I’m a libertarian so I have no dog in this fight but the moderators had such an obvious agenda it was painful to watch. How does a question like what is your weakness help anyone assess a candidate’s plans for the economy? I was glad it ended up backfiring on the network as their talking heads lost control early on and looked just plain silly. I’m not a fan of Ted Cruz but I respected his calling them out on it. It was clear that the network and/or the moderators were more interested in furthering their own agenda and making names for themselves. FAIL!

Weekend wrap-up

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