Nostalgia is the kiss of death…

This is my title of TWD’s most recent episode. As soon as I saw Glenn pull out the pocket watch Herschel gave him, I knew he was toast. I’ve seen some internet chatter that he’s not really dead because the wimp fell on top of him, etc. but I don’t buy that. If so, this show has jumped the shark. Producers, please don’t pull a Jon Snow! (Yes Jon Snow will be resurrected next season – why else would Melisandre be shown returning to the Wall?).

How many times over the years have we seen this trick? The humanizing of the villain just before he’s killed, a longing look at a photo before the hero buys it, etc. I was disappointed that the producers of TWD chose to do it, simply because they’re usually not sentimental, and they trust us viewers to “get it”. We know Glenn, we’ve seen his trajectory over the seasons, we know he loves Maggie and treasures the geezers he knew (see Herschel and Dale). We didn’t need the nostalgia to raise the stakes. Believe me, the stakes are already raised.

Aside from that, this was a terrific episode – lots of nasty-looking walkers and great overhead shots of hordes of walkers. I thought the imagery of Glenn’s death itself was pretty cool, though I wasn’t sure if the wimp pulled him down with him on purpose or if it was just an accident. My fellow watcher believes it was an accident, which makes the most sense. Gotta be honest, when Michonne’s group was in the store, I would have made an excuse to go outside with the one other non-injured guy and taken off. Props to her for sticking around to help the others.

Fellow watcher and I have a disagreement about Morgan. I love Lennie James and even though Morgan’s behavior the last few episodes has been questionable and overly righteous, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt that something happened to cause it. I suspect we’ll get to the bottom of that this week since it seems from the scenes that it will be a Morgan-centric episode. Fellow watcher hates Morgan and wants him chomped immediately for his wishiwashiness. I can’t believe AMC would allow such a big get actor to go this early, but who knows?

Is anyone else watching Project Greenlight? If the twitterverse is any indicator, not many of you are. I am merely watching at this point because it’s almost over. Love the concept, but the director they chose is a total creep. From what I saw, they had some great choices of director but of course they chose the prickly, entitled guy so they could have drama on the show. I doubt anyone will watch “The Leisure Class” unless they work for HBO or are related to Jason. I certainly won’t.

Finally, I know this is off topic, but I need to know who is in charge of Governor Christie’s travel? Anyone who rides Amtrak knows that there is a quiet car. It is one car of many solely for quiet people. You can’t talk on your phone or talk to others, and it is pure bliss. I am a quiet car proponent and yes a quiet car cop. I (politely) asked a couple to stop talking last week on said quiet car. They complied. End of story. Either that or move. It’s really quite simple. Now this could have been a simple mistake and it appears that the Governor apologized and moved to a non-quiet car, so problem solved. However, someone in his camp called it “the notorious quiet car” as if the car itself is to blame, or there’s something inherently evil about the quiet car. There are at least ten other cars to use! It’s called personal choice, look it up. If I was the moderator of the debate tonight, I would pose a hypothetical to each candidate about the quiet car, and base my opinion on each person on that answer. OK, stepping off soapbox now.

Nostalgia is the kiss of death…

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