What I’ve been watching this week…

Some people love this time of year because of football, or the leaves changing, or the upcoming holiday.  I, however, love this time of year because all my great tv is back!  Certainly more material for posting but my dvr is working overtime, especially on Sunday nights.  I’m considering investing in a second dvr but paying the Comcast thieves more $ than we already do is holding me back.  We’ll see.  So here’s what I’ve been watching this week, in no particular order:

1.Bosch (Amazon Prime).  I’ve read a lot of Michael Connelly books over the years and Harry Bosch was one of my favorite characters.  I’ll admit I subscribed to Amazon Prime solely to watch this show (it also helped that Amazon held a 1 day sale).  We binge watched all 10 eps in two weekends.  The show reminded me a lot of The Lincoln Lawyer movie in terms of its slickness and production.  I’ve always felt that Titus Welliver was overlooked as an actor and he does great work here.  I was also thrilled to see Jamie Hector in a leading role.  He was great on The Wire and plays an entirely different character here.  Anyway, the show’s been renewed for a second season so I guess I have to keep Prime for now.

2.Frontline “My Brother’s Bomber”.  Only two of three parts have aired so far but I’m hooked on this story.  A local filmmaker named Ken Dornstein is investigating who was behind the Lockerbie bombing from the late 1980s.  His take is particularly interesting because his brother was on board.  At this point of the documentary, he is zeroing in on a number of loose ends as to whether the bombing was sponsored by Libya, and he even travels to Libya a number of times to conduct interviews.  I can’t wait to see the last part on Tuesday to find out what happens.  I hope this show is getting a lot of eyeballs because it’s an important story with  many unanswered questions.

3.The Affair.  I’ve watched the first two eps so far and I’m still confused like I was last season.  I need some dramatic hairdo changes to tell the time jumps (see Robin Wright, House of Cards).  However, I’m intrigued enough to hang in there, especially since it seems like Maura Tierney may have a larger role this season.  The criminal case is boring to me but I suspect Pacey (yes he’ll always be Pacey to me) is planning to see to it that Noah goes to prison so he can get back together with Alison.  I saw a tweet this week asking if there’s a more loathsome individual on tv than Helen’s mother, and I would argue absolutely there is – NOAH!  I hated Jimmy McNulty on The Wire and I didn’t think it was possible to hate a character more but along comes Noah Solloway.  He hasn’t done one redeeming thing on this show and I can’t blame his kid for punching him in the face.  I think I clapped.

4.Homeland.  After redeeming itself last season, I have to say I’m very pleased with how they set the table for the coming season in episode one.  Obviously Carrie will be pulled back in to the CIA but it was nice to see some normalcy for her.  I thought Saul’s anger with her was unnecessary and selfish, but maybe we’ll see more on that backstory later.  Carrie’s boyfriend looks an awful lot like Brody.

I’ll be back next week with my thoughts on the end of the Frontline film.  Thanks for reading!

What I’ve been watching this week…

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