What I’m watching this week and other random thoughts…

So glad Longmire is back!  I was sure that Branch killed his dad but obviously I was wrong.  I’m only one episode in but I’m glad it’s back.  I’m not typically attracted to cowboy types but Longmire is hot, especially for an old guy.  I love Lou Diamond Phillips in his role, and the bromance between him and Walt is fun to watch.  I always liked Katee Sackhoff on Battlestar but she is whiny and one dimensional in this role and I hope to see a different side to her character this season.

I also discovered a great new show on Netflix called “Narcos”.  I’m only three episodes in (out of ten) but it’s very good so far.  The guy who plays Pablo Escobar is superb and he’s a relative unknown from what I can tell.  I don’t love the DEA character who is so far predictable and plain.  I have a hard time understanding how a DEA agent based in Colombia doesn’t speak the language?  Pedro Pascal is great though and I hope he keeps his head intact in this show.

I was waiting for something to happen on Ray Donovan this week and look at that, I’m still waiting!  Boring, Showtime, boring!  I know not a lot of people watch this show because it’s on Showtime but I bet a lot of people don’t watch it because the show spends too much time on irrelevant, boring characters like Bunchy and Abby.  I can’t stand Abby and I hope she gets killed off every episode.  And I could not care less about Bunchy getting married.  At least Hank Azaria is back and maybe he’ll bring some excitement back to this show.  His reveal was pretty cool.

I know I wrote about Hard Knocks recently but I had to mention Vince Wilfork in the overalls and cowboy hat.  He is a funny guy and he and JJ Watt made the show for me.

Non-tv related but I was disappointed that Serena didn’t make it to the final today.  I missed the match yesterday but I’m sure she gave it her all.  It was a great run and she’s still the best in my view.  I bet a lot of people didn’t even bother to go to the final today because she wasn’t in it.

I hope to be watching and writing about more Narcos and Longmire, and Project Greenlight this week.  Thanks for reading.

What I’m watching this week and other random thoughts…

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