Mixed feelings on Mother’s Mercy

I re-watched the finale and now I like it less than I did initially. It tried too hard to wrap up storylines with little attention paid to the details. For example, Stannis’ death came at the very beginning of the show and for such a resurgent character he was given short shrift. I didn’t want to see his head lopped off but I wanted more from his ending.

It sucks that Melisandre survived, which leads me to another lazy plot point – Jon Snow’s “death”. It’s so obvious that D2 will resurrect him in future especially because Kit Harrington is such a fan/tween favorite. Why else would Melisandre be shown arriving back at the Wall, if not to resurrect him in some fashion? There’s a lot of junk on the internet about Kit cutting off his hair and this is why he won’t return but I suspect D2 did that intentionally to throw us off. No way they let Kit go. Lazy plot point and I don’t like fake deaths.

Is Arya blind? I expect so but it wasn’t clear to me on either viewing. Still bored by her.

Cersei’s walk of shame was too long and she gets no sympathy from me. If that’s what D2 was going for, they failed with me. Did we really need to see her totally naked for essentially the whole scene? I am so done with her anyway and just want her off the show, however it happens. Boring.

So glad Varys and Tyrion are back together. I’m not thrilled anyone is still in Mereen but it will be cool to watch the two of them rule (let’s face it, Missandei and Grey Worm are window dressing where ruling’s concerned). I think Jorah will kill Dario on their journey and I sure hope we’re not reverting back to season one with the Dothraki. We spent enough time with Daenerys wandering aimlessly in earlier seasons. Eventually she needs to get to Westeros and take over but it looks like next season will have her waylaid yet again. I need Tyrion, Varys, and her together for some ultimate throne plotting.

Did someone hang Celyse? I thought at first she killed herself but then I noticed she was hung up on a tree and that would be impossible to do to herself, right? Are we supposed to think that the deserters hung her before they left? If so why didn’t they kill Stannis too? Clarification please.

I do wonder if Melisandre will fill Ser Davos in on the details of Shireen’s death. It was a little too convenient that she implied with her sorrowful nods that all of the Baratheons died at the hands of the Boltons, and not from each other. I suspect he’ll find out and she will pay.

I may have more random GOT thoughts but I’ll be focusing on the new HBO shows premiering this week (True Detective, Ballers, Brink) and other random topics.  Thanks for reading!

Mixed feelings on Mother’s Mercy

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