Random thoughts on last week’s GOT and finale questions/predictions

I just had the chance to watch last week’s ep again, even though I didn’t want to watch what I think is the most upsetting scene ever seen on tv.  The “previously on” scenes intimated what would happen but I didn’t want to believe it.  Query did Ser Davos know what was to come and is that why he gave Shireen the figurine?  Obviously Stannis sent him away so he wouldn’t stop the Shireen sacrifice but did Davos know she was toast (literally)?  That wasn’t clear to me.  I’m interested to see what his reaction will be to her death.

Arya is boring.  That is all.

I have to say I was also bored by the Meereen fight of course until Drogon showed up.  I’m ready for Daenerys to leave this boring ass city and get to King’s Landing.  None of these harpy people interest me and I hope D2 merely used them as a vehicle for Dany to get to Westeros.  It was a little insensitive of her to leave her posse behind though.

Finale predictions/questions:

1.Arya will still be boring.

2.Cersei will confess to the High Sparrow and some terrible punishment will be meted upon her.  Hopefully ending in death.

3.Will Jorah’s greystone infect anyone else?

4.Stannis defeats and kills Boltons but Brienne kills Stannis as revenge for Renly.  Sansa becomes Warden of the North.  Will Littlefinger be there to join her?

5.Where is Varys?

6.No idea what’s in store for Jon Snow.  I feel like he lives until the end of the show but it’s hard to say.

7.Not sure where the Tyrells fit in but remember at the end of season three they came out of nowhere to help save the day.  I feel like the queen of thorns will do something big but not sure what.

As you can see, a lot of unanswered questions.  I’m hoping to get a post up Monday night.  Thanks for reading!

Random thoughts on last week’s GOT and finale questions/predictions

One thought on “Random thoughts on last week’s GOT and finale questions/predictions

  1. Davos had been whittling the stag thoughout the season. There’s a scene mid-season where Davos is whittling it, and Stannis shows up and says “Dude, it’s time to get moving south!” (I’m paraphrasing it.)

    So I expect Davos had intended on giving it to Shireen all along. Because Davos is awesome.

    I can believe that he was worried about Shireen, but did not really suspect that Stannis would harm her. Otherwise he wouldn’t have left.

    As for your questions/predictions, we’ll find out tomorrow night.

    For the record, I don’t think Arya is boring, but that just means she’s not boring to me. I respect your personal Arya-ennui.


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