Can you say speechless? My thoughts on Hardhome

I was speechless at the end of that episode last night.  I sat for a minute with my mouth wide open at the spectacularness of that battle scene.  Normally the wall scenes are a snoozefest for me but that was epic.  The head walker at the end had a look on his face (skull?) like “maybe now these dumbasses will wise up and stop fighting over a crown.”  When he (it?) lifted his arms I thought he was creating a big tidal wave that would sink all the ships.  So now the question is was Jon Snow able to kill the other head walker b/c of the Valerian steel or because he is a Taergaryen or both?  I really liked the mom wildling but she didn’t live long enough to develop the character.  Those creepy kid zombies kept me awake all night.

Loved the Dany/Tyrion interplay, I mean who wouldn’t?  She obviously needs help and to get the hell out of boring Mereen.  Hopefully Tyrion will be the one to get her out of there.  Next week’s episode is called “Dance with Dragons” so perhaps we’ll see them annihiilate some white walkers?  My favorite line from Tyrion was that he hoped she was “the right kind of terrible”.

Here’s hoping that Ramsey and his 20 men meet a quick end on the road towards Stannis, either by Brienne or otherwise.  I still think D2 wil make it appear that Stannis will defeat th Boltons and take over the north but he will get killed by Brienne in the end.  Then maybe Shireen can take over?

Not sure where the Jorah storyline can go at this point.  How many times does the lady have to tell you to go away before you actually do?  I love Iain Glen but he’s been in the friendzone too long.

I’m glad Sansa has a little bit of hope now that she thinks her brothers may be alive.  Although Bran’s storyline is so boring I hope they keep him under wraps until it’s absolutely necessary.

It looks like Jon Snow will be tested by his nemesis at the wall when he tries to get the wildlings through.  Hopefully fat Sam will get off his fat ass and do something other than whine.

Can you say speechless? My thoughts on Hardhome

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