(I am) The Gift

A lot of you on twitter and elsewhere are saying what a great episode this was but I have to disagree.  I was bored.  Love that Dany and Tyrion finally met but why so brief?  So we could spend more time watching Sam get it on?  Yuck.  I still can’t fathom why this show insists on spending so much time at the wall when it’s terribly dull all the time.  D2 wasted 10 minutes of precious time on Sam and Gilly when I couldn’t care less about them.  I guess I’ll never understand some of their decisions.

Loved the Cersei ending but I wish they just killed her.  Now I’m sure we’ll be subjected to seeing her suffer through some tedious jail time and trial.  I just don’t care.  There are so many other characters I’d rather spend time with…

Like Olenna and Littlefinger.  Their alliance appears to remain intact and once again, I hope their machinations bear fruit behind the scenes, i.e. killing Cersei quickly, getting Loras and Margaery out of prison, and saving Sansa.  However, I think Sansa will have to save herself.  I still believe Brienne will ride in to save her but end up killing Stannis and mucking everything up in Winterfell (at least as far as the Bolton revenge plot is concerned).  Does she really have to wait for a lit candle to know that Sansa’s in trouble?  I’m also wondering whether Sansa will end up pregnant with all the sex she’s having.

Speaking of Stannis, was Melisandre implying that he kill his daughter in order to win?  That wasn’t clear to me even on a second viewing.  If he isn’t technically king yet then how does she have king’s blood?  And what happened to Gendry?  And can’t he get rid of his wife instead?  She seems to serve no purpose either for him or for this show.

The High Sparrow storyline is old and done to death.  That old man needs to take a bath and get real.  Surprise, surprise – religion begets narrow mindedness and poor decision making.  I love Jonathan Pryce but let’s move on.

It looks like more wall time next week.  I’ll try to keep an open mind.  I’m hoping by the end of this season Ramsey, Roose, and Cersei will be gone permanently.  FIngers crossed!

(I am) The Gift

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