Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken #GOT

Whoa, still reeling from that ending last night.  I made the mistake of staying up after to watch the Mad Men finale, so I couldn’t really digest GOT until I tried to go to sleep.  The ending was truly controversial based on what I’ve read online so far.  Quite frankly, it made me sick to my stomach.  I’m not a book reader so I had no idea what to expect as far as Ramsey and Sansa were concerned, but I thought D2 was over the fascination with Ramsey torturing people.  Guess not.  I’m not sure why that last scene bothered me, i.e. was it because I want Sansa to be ok, because I hate Ramsey, or because Theon had to watch?  I hope we won’t now be subjected to his continued torture of Sansa for so many reasons.  I really hope Ramsey and Roose buy it next ep and that Sansa does it herself.  But I feel like Theon will be the perpetrator.

I did note that there was not a new map destination this week.  Will we get another one this season?  I sure hope so.

All I have to say about Arya’s scenes – continually bored.  Nuff said.

Hands down favorite scene was with Tyrion, Jorah, and the slavers.  Please oh please we need to see the cock merchant!  My favorite part was Tyrion’s expression when he said, “Guess again!”.  I’m still wondering if Jorah is doomed or will they find a cure for his grey scale?

So glad Lady Olenna is back and I can’t wait to see her give Cersei the smackdown she deserves.  Hopefully it involves a painful death.

Is Littlefinger betraying Sansa or is he straight up just betraying everyone?  I need to get out my dry erase board to keep all of the throneseekers and their whereabouts straight, so I don’t have a read on this yet.  Also, where is Varys?

I had high hopes for the Sand Snakes but that fight scene was lame.  It was almost as if they ran out of money to shoot it properly.

OK on to the white wedding.  Yes Billy Idol was in the back of my head the whole time.  Isn’t Sansa still married to Tyrion?  I know they didn’t consummate but still.  I really expected Stannis and co. to ride in and save Sansa from the Boltons and I’m still surprised it didn’t happen.  Where the heck are they?  Only four episodes left Lord of Light!

Predictions for next week – Olenna gets to Cersei through the religious guy;  Stannis marches to his inevitable death at the hands of the Boltons?  Brienne?  His scary wife?  The rest of the gang I have no clue.

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken #GOT

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