Best and worst tv dads

It occurred to me yesterday that this could be a cool blog idea.  I started out with best tv dads, but thought it would be fun to include the worst ones too.  Here they are in no particular order.

Best tv dads:

1.Ward Cleaver.  Maybe it was the black and white, but I loved the fact that Ward had a suit and tie on pretty much all the time.  I always thought how uncomfortable that must be, not to mention the amount he spent on dry cleaning.  And he always had the best lessons for his sons, but he wasn’t preachy about it.  They did a lot of stupid things and instead of intervening he usually chose to let them make their own mistakes and learn from them.

2.Marty Crane.  I’ve always loved John Mahoney as an actor (felon dad on Say Anything!) but this was my fave role for him.  He provided a much needed balance for his idiosyncratic kids.  Having a cute dog didn’t hurt either.

3.Keith Mars.  Keith Mars had a tough job in a town that despised him.  He also had to handle his strong-willed daughter but he did so in that tough love sort of way.  Enrico Calantoni (sp?) needs his own show imo.

Honorable mention:  Steven Keaton.

Worst tv dads:

I want to be clear that some of these characters I love to watch but I don’t think you can argue with the fact that they weren’t great dads:

1.Tywin Lannister.  Love this character and I miss Charles Dance so much on this show!  This was a tough character to include on this list because I admired his loyalty to his family and his fierce protection of their legacy.  However, let’s recap – he sentenced his one son to death and then slept with said son’s girlfriend/whore, he forced his other son to give up the Kingsguard, and he arranged for Cersei to marry a gay man.

2.Jon Voigt on Ray Donovan.  I think we can sum this character up with one sentence – he bet against his son in a boxing match that he arranged.

3.Jimmy McNulty on The Wire.  I can’t remember exactly why Jimmy is on my list but I remember his sons basically wanted nothing to do with him by the time they were teenagers and his constant idiotic drunken behavior probably had something to do with it.

Honorable mention:  Frank Costanza, Frank Gallagher on Shameless

Best and worst tv dads

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