“Kill the boy….and let the man be born”

Who’s the boy they’re going to kill, which boy? was all I kept thinking when I saw the title of this ep.  D2 did one better than that and rid us of Jon Snow the wishy washy teenager and turned him into a real leader, making the unpopular decisions.  I’m nervous about Jon heading north with the wildlings, especially since I wanted to see him fight alongside Stannis.  Something about the two of them onscreen together is really interesting.  Just when the buddy adventures get interesting they split these two up and I have to say I don’t like it.

Getting back to the opening credits, yes I am one of the geeks who anxiously waits for a new destination on the map.  Right now I’m torn between Dorne and Brados.  I love the coin roll but the snake is really cool too.

How is Grey Worm still alive?  Do we care about him and Missandei?  I have to say I don’t.

The dragon scene with Dany was top notch.  Not only were the effects cool, but she seems to be using her head for once.  Is she really going to marry that guy?

I wonder if Brienne is going to mess things up for Sansa?  I feel like Sansa will be prepared to exact her revenge on the Boltons, only to be interrupted/saved by Brienne and Pod.  Perhaps Stannis will take care of the Boltons but I still think he is a goner, especially since he is being portrayed as a human being lately which is usually a death sentence on this show (see Ser Barristan Selmy, last episode).

Ugh, Ramsey and Theon scenes.  I could never understand the D2 obsession with giving Alfie Allen more screen time.  This storyline is so done to death and I don’t care what happens to these people anymore.  I sense that Theon will play a part in Sansa’s plot but I just don’t care.

I love how they made you think that Tyrion seeing Drogon was the big surprise of the evening, but then we got to see stone men!  So cool.  I knew one of them had to have greyscale so no surprise that it was Jorah.  The question is where will they go with that now?  I don’t know and it’s agony to wait another six days to find out!

“Kill the boy….and let the man be born”

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