Great shows no one else watched/is watching…

There are quite a few shows both past and present I feel like no one else but me watches.  How do I know this?  Because when I bring up said show to fellow tv watchers all I get are blank stares and empty promises of “Oh yeah, I’ll check that out when I’m home sick or something”.  Here are a few:

1.Wolf Hall.  I know, it’s on PBS, which is the kiss of death for American viewership, with a double whammy of British accents that are difficult to understand and a lot of characters named Tom.  However, Mark Ryland and Damian Lewis are terrific and the story, though it’s a slow burn over six eps (five have aired so far, finale tomorrow night), is fascinating.  Definitely worth checking out on demand or on dvd when it’s released.  Any woman who dared to marry Henry did so at her own risk!

2.American Crime.  Another series whose finale is coming up this week.  I’m not saying this is a great show, but I think it was an important one for people to see.  Unfortunately it’s on network tv so it has to appeal to the masses and can’t be as groundbreaking as it would be were it on cable.  The stories were somewhat formulaic but I could forgive that given the great performances of Felicity Huffman and Regina King.  The women saved this show for me.

3.Boss.  As I mentioned in last week’s post, this series didn’t get a proper ending because of its cancellation.  Kelsey Grammar was phenomenal and the writing was too.  Because it was on cable, this show could take risks and could afford to show the truly ugly side of politics.  I believe that some people in politics are that diabolical and that the things shown on this show really do happen.

4.House of Lies.  I found this show by accident flipping through on demand, which is nuts since Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle are two of my faves.  The show didn’t get much marketing but it may do well on dvd?  The dialogue is really snippy and sharp, which makes each 22 minute ep fly by.  I definitely liked the first season the best, since it went a little crazytown after that, but the recent finale redeemed the show for me.  The family dynamic in the Kahn household is great, highlighted by the inclusion of a great actor from my favorite show, The Wire.

5.Broadchurch.  Another PBS/BBC show, also with the accent kiss of death.  The USA tried to remake this with Gracepoint but it didn’t stick.  I thought the second season was better than the first, with the electrifying Jean Marie Baptiste and Charlotte Rampling doing battle.  Those scenes made up for the lackluster dynamics in the victim’s family and the tedious investigation of an older crime.  I’m not sure if there will be another season but I sure hope so, but only if those women are on board.

Did I miss a show you think should be on this list?  Was anyone else out there watching these with me?

Great shows no one else watched/is watching…

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