Countdown of my favorite tv characters of all time…

I’ve been keeping a list of my favorite tv characters for quite some time.  Now it’s time to officially commit and even list them in order.  It is a bit painful to put them in order because I love different characters for different reasons, but here we go:

10.Doug Stamper on House of Cards.  Odd choice I know, since most people’s favorites on this show are Claire or Frank.  But Doug Stamper is the diabolical shadow behind the scenes who makes everything on the show happen, for better or worse.  I thought he was dead at the end of Season 2, so when he ended up alive on Season 3 and was an integral part of the story, I was thrilled.  Once again, tv right now is giving us characters who aren’t truly good or bad people, just people confronted with difficult choices.  A character like Doug makes you ask yourself, what would I do if I were him, and you’re not sure of the answer.

9.Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars.  I told you in an earlier post, I always root for the bad guys! Logan was a great character because he had a lot of layers that were revealed through the seasons of the show.  In season one, he appeared to be the embodiment of Hollywood privilege with his yellow SUV and his way of sneering at everyone else.  However, he redeemed himself by the end and the fact that he’s hot didn’t hurt.

8.Tammy Taylor on Friday Night Lights.  Set against the male-dominated world of football in Texas, one would expect that the wife of the local football coach would be a submissive Stepford wife.  Not so with Tammy Taylor.  She moved to this small Texas town and stirred up all kinds of controversy, not caring who she pissed off or who got in her way.  That was a neat surprise and gave us a contrast to the football world that dominated the show.

7.Kelsey Grammar on Boss.  I feel like I was the only one watching this show because it aired on Starz.  I’m working on another post about shows no one watched and Boss will definitely be on it.  I found the show by accident, and was skeptical of Kelsey Grammar in a serious role.  He was phenomenal as the chameleon mayor of Chicago with a temper (to say the least).  It’s a pity that the show wasn’t given a final season and had no clear ending.

6.J.R. Ewing on Dallas.  Again, I loved the bad guys, even as a kid.  With his wicked smile and cowboy hat, J.R. always made me laugh.  It was hard to feel sorry for his wife Suellen, who kept forgiving him after every misdeed.  He was an easy character to hate but I loved him because he was controversial, during a decade of great optimism in the US.

5.George Costanza on Seinfeld.  This was a tough one.  Seinfeld is my favorite comedy and I love all of the leads.  However, I could see bits of myself in George in every ep.  The neurosis, the bad habits, the lies.  He was a great foil and Jason Alexander played him to the tee.

4.Saul Berenson on Homeland.  Another controversial choice I think.  I have waited for Mandy Patinkin to have a breakthrough tv role and this is it for me.  His transformation into this character both physically and mentally is fascinating to watch.  He is Carrie’s moral compass and he’s the guy who makes the tough, unpopular calls that save lives.  He isn’t looking to be loved, he just wants to do a good job.

3.Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. Such a hard choice as I love many characters on this show (Brienne, The Hound, The Queen of Thorns) but I have to go with Tyrion.  I have always loved Peter Dinklage in movies, particularly The Station Agent, another movie no one else saw.  I didn’t realize that his role in GOT would end up being so significant.  He is the brains behind the Lannister operation, especially with his dad gone.  I can’t wait to see what he does next.

2.The Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey.  No contest, Maggie Smith is the only reason I still watch this show.  Loved the first two seasons but then it went to crazytown.  Lady Violet is my idol and I hope to be as witty as her at that age.  She has so many great lines but my favorite is still her bewildered “What’s a weekend?”

1.Hands down, no second thoughts, my favorite tv character of all time is and always will be Omar Little from The Wire.  He lit up every scene he was in (literally and figuratively) and I found myself disappointed if he wasn’t in an ep.  His epic confrontation with Brother Mouzzone in the alley, where they look like they’re going to shoot each other and end up working together to take down Stringer Bell, was totally unexpected.  I’ll leave you with my favorite Omar quote -“Money ain’t got no owners, only spenders”.

I hope to have a GOT ep post up Monday night, time permitting.  Thanks for reading!

Countdown of my favorite tv characters of all time…

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