My favorite tv “reveals”

These are in no particular order, but I’ve been keeping a list over the last few years of my favorite “reveals” on tv, meaning moments that shocked me and changed my whole way of thinking about a show or a character.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on these and others.

1.Saul watches Brody’s suicide tape on Homeland.  I don’t know about you but the first season of Homeland was some of the most gripping television I’ve ever seen.  I watched it on dvd about 6 months after it aired and binged it on a Saturday.  I went back and forth over the first few eps as to whether Brody was a “good guy” or a “bad guy”.  What I love about this show and tv recently is that the writers are blurring the lines between good and bad.  I hated Brody initially because of his betrayal but then came to understand how it happened and it was never a simple “He’s a bad guy.”  Years ago on television there were the clearly defined good and bad guys, and you were supposed to root for the good guys (I always rooted for the bad guys but that’s another blog post).  Having Saul be the first one to see Brody’s tape as opposed to Carrie made it all the more powerful for me.

2.Sharon is a Cylon on Battlestar Galactica.  Yes, I am a BG dork.  Much fun has been made and I’ve heard all the jokes.  Guess what I don’t care!  BG was a great show and I still miss it.  I remember gasping out loud when the end of the ep showed Sharon as a Cylon.  Again, the viewer was led to believe that Sharon was a good guy and that was turned on its head at the end of the movie.  I thought BG did a great job of showing that there is a little bad and good in everyone and it’s impossible to characterize someone as either or.

3.Lysa Arryn poisoned her husband, which started the entire Game of Thrones.  As you can tell from the title of this blog, I love the concept of the moon door and would have one at my house if I lived on a mountain.  Littlefinger pushing Lysa out of it was great, but even better was Lysa revealing right before her skydive that she poisoned her husband for Littlefinger.  You’ll remember the entire series started with Jon Arryn’s death, and suspicion that the Lannisters were behind his poisoning.  Turns out it was Littlefinger via Lysa, and thus the game of thrones began.

4.Tommy imagined the entire series of St. Elsewhere.  I was a kid when this show ended but I remember watching the last ep and thinking how cool of an ending this was.  Granted, many viewers were incensed that none of their beloved characters really existed but hey this is tv so they never really existed anyway.  Nice touch having Tommy’s dad and Dr. Auschlander shown as “normal working folks” instead of doctors.

5.Sophia comes out of the barn on Walking Dead.  I have to admit I tape this ep every time it’s on tv and rewatch only that part.  As soon as I saw her little sneaker poke out of the barn it was clear what had happened and so heartbreaking, considering that the entire season to that point had been focused on finding her, and there she was the whole time!  I think it was the midseason finale and the ending showing the whole crew from above just standing around the carnage was really powerful.

I’m sure I’ll think of more later, but that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading!

My favorite tv “reveals”

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