Thoughts on #The Wars to Come #GOT Season 5 ep 1 (Non-book reader so no spoilers allowed!)

Wow, great premiere! Set the table for an exciting season but left me a little wanting in terms of digging deeper into the characters featured. That’s what happens when there are so many characters and storylines to address, not to mention the ones that weren’t (i.e. Arya). These are my thoughts in no particular order:

1.Did anyone think Mance was going to reconsider once he started up the pyre? I really did though it wouldn’t make sense for the show to do that.

2.I was waiting for Charles Dance to hop up off of the table/coffin (?). Apparently he is a jokester in real life and seems like something he may have done during filming. I was hoping so even though it was a ridiculous thought b/c he is one of my favorite actors of all time and always has been. His gravitas and no nonsense tactics will be sorely missed by this viewer.

3.Do we care about Cersei’s “backstory”? I don’t know about others but she is a tiresome character for me and has been for a while. Lena Headey is terrific but I’m ready for Cersei to go. We get it, she’s mean, vindictive, and loves her kids. Time to move on.

4.More Varys please! I feel like we see less of the characters who use their minds behind the scenes so that those with more action (see dragons, daenerys) get lots of screen time. I suppose that makes sense as their machinations historically have given us great reveals (see lysa arryn, poison).

5.Stannis and Jon or Stannis v. Jon? Stannis is one of my faves and I think I’m in the minority on that but I respect a man with principles who keeps them even when they’re unpopular (see burning brother-in law, not sure of season?). I’m not sure where this “relationship” is going but I think it’s fair to say these two will clash soon. Stannis is too unwilling to bend and Jon is an independent thinker.

6.Mommy issues? That’s my take on the unsullied with the hooker. Not sure where that’s going.

7.Is Littlefinger still trying to bed Sansa? I don’t think so but it still grosses me out.

8.Lancel was unrecognizable! When I saw him in the “previously on” I figured he would be in the ep but wow he looked different. Who else has he told Cersei’s secret(s)?

9.Who said anything about him? My favorite line of the night and yes, I tweeted it wrong the first time. I love the power of (many of) the female characters on this show and for me this line highlighted that best. Curious though, does it ultimately refer to Dany or perhaps Sansa? Remember non-book reader here so no spoilers!

10.What did you expect they’re dragons? We saw that coming a mile away.

11.Next week we’ll see Arya and the first thought I had when I saw the preview of the black/white door was that store White House/Black Market. Is that even still around? Anyway, made me laugh.

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading!

Thoughts on #The Wars to Come #GOT Season 5 ep 1 (Non-book reader so no spoilers allowed!)

One thought on “Thoughts on #The Wars to Come #GOT Season 5 ep 1 (Non-book reader so no spoilers allowed!)

  1. It certainly seemed like Mance had something on his mind before giving Stannis the Wildling F— You.

    (I’m also a big Stannis fan. Mostly because I love that Ser Davos guy.)

    I appreciate where you are coming from, when it comes to Cersei, but the backstory was cool for a few reasons.

    Cersei was expecting to marry the Prince (that would be Rhaegar Targaryen, the only prince around, which I think is cool.)

    Also, when you learn a prophecy, you understand what makes people tick and what they’re afraid of. Maggie told Cersei that she’d be Queen, until a prettier and younger Queen took her place. That type of stuff usually puts desperate wheels in motion, classic Greek tragedy stuff.

    I’m glad you liked the episode, I did too.


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